Welcome to my World

February 27, 2009

So anyhoo i think my ego has finally plateaued with the creation of this blog. I mean there is something inherently conceited about those who publish their daily musings on the internet and expect others to give a feck.

Im just that person.

As well as using this blog as a tool for self gratification I hope it will allow me to formalise my ideas on stuff like:

Strength and conditioning For Mixed Martial Arts

I really feel a lot of us are missing the boat on this one as MMA people (is there a collective noun for us?) tend to be a masochistic breed. Find something hard do it till you want to die, vomit artistically then go do some more training which is primarily cardio based. We love cardio and rarely train for power, when everything we do is cardio intensive anyway arent we operating using a form of anti logic.

Mixed Martial Arts Tactics

I think its true to say that I have never had an original idea in my entire life but I am pretty good at putting the various aspects of MMA together in a systemised way. I hope you agree.

Random Pictures of Hot Burds

Someone told me this is a great way to get readers

I cant guaranteed that all the ladies will be packing heat

I cant guaranteed that all the ladies will be packing heat


Im fortunate enough to get to play with some of the funniest people ever on a daily basis. Whatever gold pops up you’ll find it here, for example

I will leave you with a question,

“Would you rather have a monkey butler or a panther that kills on command?”


6 Responses to “Welcome to my World”

  1. Allan "No" Love said

    First to comment on your blog.


    And personally I’d rather have the monkey butler as I can already kill on demand.

    Also can you link me to a study showing the benefits of lifting heavy for weight/fat loss, I want it to win an argument.



    Monkey Butlers will only throw shit at the walls instaed of making the bed for you.Ill leave you to ponder that one Paul!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the panther easy id have it kill everyones monkey butler, if i cant have one no fucker can have one

  4. Mike Childs said

    Monkey Butlers hands down… for one, view no loves comment above, and two, monkey butlers train other monkeys to be butlers… its science. you start off with one, which leads to many… chores become obsolete.

  5. Glad that you’re blogging dude. Good writings and you look at a lot of the same bloggers as I do.
    I’d rather have the Panther to tell the truth. I’d send it down the shops and I’d fuck up the locals overaggressive staffordshire bull terriers and Akitas with it whilst walking by the local pubs.

  6. Dobbie said

    Easy – a panther. When you’re riding bareback (saddle optional) on the back of a man killing panther no one is going to tell you to tidy up and so who needs a monkey to do it for you anyway?

    Power cats win everytime.

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