Where I rob my ideas!

March 3, 2009

Let me begin by giving you an insight into my typical morning. First of all i crawl out of bed, switch on my PC, grab a shower and other things beginning with S, play about with a foam roller and then check out the latest blogs in my Google reader.

Heres a list of some of the ones im reading at the moment and steal from on a regular basis.

Absolute Gold Fitness


Conditioning Research


Eric Cressey


IOL Strength and Conditioning


Mike Boyle


Mike Robertson


Rosi Sexton


Dewey Nielsen


And before i forget

that outfit matches my gold txedo

that outfit matches my gold txedo

No ones ever got dumber reading something, except maybe heat magazine.

Proper blog post tomorrow


One Response to “Where I rob my ideas!”

  1. Gavin said

    Nice pic of the japanese chick , keep up the hard work and training.

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