Putting it all together

March 4, 2009

For years now mixed martial artists have shunned strength training and focused primarily on cardio intensive supplementary training. When we did pick up a barbell it was usually to do several minutes of thrusters, snatches or cleans i.e. more cardio.

When guys did manage to find time to resistance train they usually followed the advice of their bodybuilding friend. By doing  assisted barbell curls in the power rack and other wanky things that make an athlete want to put a kettlebell through their faces.

Get out of my fecking power rack, rarrrgh

Get out of my fecking power rack, rarrrgh

Athletic training for mma is not the same as power lifting, bodybuilding or even Olympic lifting.  As such we can take the good aspects from these sports and ignore what is not needed or potentially harmful. While adding in some of the stuff we have picked up from the physiotherapists to promote longevity and avoid injuries.

Here is an insight into my current philosophy with regards to workout structure.

1. Foam Roll

Walk in the gym pick up a roller, med ball or soft ball and violate your sore spots.  Foam rolling and regular massage is up there with Guitar Hero, free internet porn sites and bullying Bam in a list of things that i cant do without. If you arent actively dealing with your soft tissue problems (bits of your muscle that hurt when poked) then you are being a massive douche.


Some of your muscles don’t work the way they should. Others are taking over their jobs. This will probably end up hurting you and at the very least you arent going to be as athletic as you deserve to be.

3.Dynamic Mobility and Corrective Exercise

Here we ensure you have the range of motion and stability required to preform everything we hope to do during the rest of the workout.

This is the time when ill throw in some drills to deal with postural problems and assymetries.

4.Jump Training and Med Ball Work

I really like this stuff. We progress from simple jumps, hops and bounds into depth jumps and altitude landings. This is usually super setted with a launching a medball into a wall several hundred times.

All this in the name of developing man crushing explosive power. What fighter couldn’t benefit from being more explosive?

5.Olympic Lifts and Variants

Want to get a randleman style suplex on your highlight reel? Start training in activities that use explosive triple extension. Hang cleans, swings, jump squats, one arm snatches all improve your ability to exert your force on an opponent quickly and violently, which is mad fun.

6.Strength and Core training

Wanna do 9 sets of chest and biceps on a Monday? As athletes we should be training movement patterns and let the muscles do their own thing. This is much more than finding the biggest weight you can find and having someone deadlift it of your chest all the while screaming “its all you brah?”.

How many of us out there have experimented with tempo, isometric contraction, unilateral lifts or eccentric training. All this has a place in athletic development

I usually superset in some core work with strength exercise as i wont do them otherwise.


Make sure its not going to injury you, make it disgustingly hard and make it short. Kettlebells, bodyweight circuits, treadmill sprints, big feck off hills stuff like that.

A workout like this may take me 1hr30mins to 2 hrs so for those not blessed with baws all to do on a daily basis but train and blog post you may need to omit some of these sections.

I will be going into more detail on all of this in the future stay tunned in the mean time here’s Jessice Biel’s Tongue

Shes getting the twins out in her next film

Shes getting the twins out in her next film


2 Responses to “Putting it all together”

  1. Hil said

    You actually are a geeeeiuuus
    Hate to admit it!
    You do hide it well though, keeps you in with us little people.
    Keep blogging, I will be steal, steal, stealing until my abs are better than yours (give me three weeks 😉

  2. OllieR said

    couldn’t agree more…. if you ever want to talk shop, email me or facebook me.

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