Alcohol and Sports

March 11, 2009

For any of you who check out the dinky ninjas forum on you may have come across this thread by James Doolan.

“Paul’s blog should be interesting 2moro had the following texts from gazz this evening:

Me: gazz you home
Gazz: nah mate Paul’s fucked and needs baby sitting
me: what like drunk?
Gazz: yeah
Me: cool make sure he is ok
Gazz: he has only had 2 drinks
Me: Big drinks
Gazz: no bacardi breezers
Me: tell him to man up he is a disgrace to ireland
Gazz: he just pissed all over his leg
Me: Cool get a pic for his blog
Gazz: heading to a strip joint.later”

Although there was some poetic license used you get the idea. My subsequent hangover of death made me as always question my drinking habits. To this day it involves drinking alcohol very rarely but when doing so drinking until ive at least soiled myself or fallen asleep somewhere.

Looks uncomfortable

Looks uncomfortable

In an effort to curtail this behavior I started looking up the effects of alcohol on sporting performance. Not the immediate effect, as most people wouldn’t bet on a fighter who had lost the ability to speak and who’s only offense came in the form of projectile vomiting. I wanted to know the effects of binge drinking on the days and weeks after the session and how it can negatively impact training in mixed martial arts. Heres what i found with a quick pub med search.

  1. Alcohol will impair reaction time and mental acuity for up to several days after consumption. The delayed reaction time and decreased psycho motor abilities are never good for those training in combat sports. Performance will be reduced and injury risk increased.
  2. Alcohol is a powerful diuretic and dehydration decreases athletic performance. It can take days to recover from the associated disruption to electrolytes.
  3. Decreases in serum testosterone levels caused by binge drinking can lead to muscle wasting and decreases in athletic performance.
  4. The huge increase in calories taken in on a night out is not conducive to looking like a pro athlete. My two bacardi breezers would have boosted my daily calorie intake by 440kcal. If I some day I become a man and drink 10 stellas on a night out ill be hitting an extra 2200Kcal for the day not counting the extra kebab required for the way home.
  5. Alcohol has also been shown to effect sleep quality and attention span for days after a heavy drinking binge.

I havent even mentioned long term health effects like cardiac muscle atrophy, impotence, liver failure and all that other good stuff. Seems that for professional athletes drinking in moderation or completely ditching the sauce would be the sensible thing.

That being said….

Good excuse to drink yourself into a coma day March 17th

Good excuse to drink yourself into a coma day March 17th


3 Responses to “Alcohol and Sports”

  1. get those gay bitches off my fecking kegs

  2. markjitsu said

    please introduce me to all the ladies pictured above


    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm lassie poofs

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