Random Friday Musings 13/3/09

March 13, 2009

Hello all.

So after last Sundays alcohol infused awesomeness I just about feel that i can train well again. By well i mean i can get up at 6am get violated of The Doug for an hour at jiu jitsu and not cry.

1. ITS ON. The long awaited bout between Rosi “best chick fighter in the world” Sexton and my badself is on.  To help Rosi train for her upcoming bout In Bellator i agreed to the only fight i have ever ducked. If this blog is silent for a while it will be because I am sulking.

2. Here’s a tip for the coaches. When one of your less experienced guys asks you to show him rubber guard or mentions eddie bravo kick them in the face. Its a new policy we have implemented with those who still cant be arsed doing what i say or lack the ability to move their hips. If however you have a guard and have flexible hips go buck wild  rubber guard is cool.

3. Half Guard is better than closed guard for mma.

4. Hitting bags on the ground develops ground and pound power.

5. I have a new clinch position that makes it really hard to be taking down and is a great platform for kneeing the shiz outta fools. (May show it here when ive played with it more)

6. This girl was on Australlian Big Brother and got to touching a dudes wang in a bath while going walkabout in the bush down under. She now makes the sort of money that would make me consider following her career path

Wang toucher

Wang toucher

7. And heres the video of the incident.

See you next time im off to tidy my house, spar a 112kg man with tattoos on his face and hit up a pro wrestling show in cumbernauld.


3 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 13/3/09”

  1. Nicole said

    hahahahaha i remember that! He is such a douche!

  2. rosisexton said

    Thanks for all the help and lol at you needing to sulk. I think you should cut down to 120 lbs for the rematch though!

  3. Roberto Atalla said

    dude the blog looks great, keep it coming Paul, and upgrade the pics of chicks by taking off their clothes completely! Merry St Patricks day!

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