Random Friday Musings 20/3/09

March 20, 2009

This should be quick today folks as i have a busy schedule of reading  Marvels Secret Invasion story arc and killing everyone as Ryu in Street Fighter 4, HADOKEN indeed.

I know what your thinking, “i wish i could sit on my ass all day playing computer games and reading comic” well to balance it up I will also be getting punched in the face of some of our best facial punchers at 7pm.

1. At last i have a fight confirmed its against the Brazilian jits Blackbelt Marcello Costa in the Absolute Combat show in Edinburgh in May this show will be the biggest and best to take place in Scotland so far. Its a great vibe in the gym when everyone is competing so i am really looking forward to it. http://www.absolute-combat.co.uk .

Dont know a whole lot about the guy but i do freaking hate Costa coffee so that will be my motivation until im creative enough to make something up about him.

2. Yes I do find it helpful to dislike opponents.

3. I relised in my putting it all together article i mentioned Activation of inhibited muscle groups, but didn’t explain this at all.

Basically when a muscle on one side of a joint is shortened it inhibits the activity of the muscle on the other side of the joint. Your hip flexors get shortened from sitting down all day and this inhibits the activity of your arse (glutes). This means your hamstrings will end up doing the work of your glutes and be more prone to overuse injury. At the very least you wont be able to shift as much weight or accelerate or whatever.

4. I know i need to put more videos up here. Heres some stuff im working on (after ive finished reading comics and dragon punching foo’s)

  • Foam Rolling Article
  • Ground and pound article
  • The high and low level double leg
  • Activation Article
  • Plyos and jump training
  • designing strength training programs

Now i have a list to work from hopefully ill get on to it.

5. I did get to spar with Rosi Sexton and she is a n awesome competitor all of us at the Griphouse wish her luck on he upcoming bout. Even though her son streaked the womens Thaiboxing class.

6. Krystal Forscutt again

Will throw up an interview i did with strength coach and BJJ coach Dewey Nielsen tomorrow.


2 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 20/3/09”

  1. Allan "No" Love said

    Are we gonna get an update this week or is your valuable spare time being used on Resident Evil 5?

  2. Im a victim of tight hip flexors/nish glute activation. 😦

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