Delayed Monday Musings 30/03/09

March 30, 2009

Sorry to all of you whom where holding your breath waiting to see what drivel i spouted on friday only to be dissapointed by my no show.

Heres what i was upto instead.

  • Resident Evil makes me so happy
  • I am buying a house soon therefore every minute of my free time is taken up by talking about dwellings, furniture, mortgages, storage space and council tax banding. Have you ever wanted a conversation to end so much that you would consider chewing of your own arm just to get a reaction?
  • Refereed a fight show in baby eater country and got to see big willy style mccracken get his 6 professional win. 6 fights and he hasnt even been punched yet. I feel his talk of retirement may be a bit early.

So heres my delayed musings.

  1. Strength Coach podcast is ace
  2. Mike Robertsons Podcast is also ace.
  3. When i stop foam rolling for a couple of days im screwed. My movements of and all the jits and striking stuff i do well goes to shit. Note to self keep foam rolling and stretching its as important as all the other more fun stuff.
  4. EQI’s (eccentric quasi isometrics) are a great alternative to stretching see issue 50 of fighters only for more details.
  5. I will be getting my finger out this week (how did that expression come about? and what sort of orifice are we discussing? free griphouse t shirt to anyone who can tell me) im even putting my camcorder into my bag now. Yep right now….. “oh whats that my beloved PS3 you want me to murder zombies”, but i have things to do like a foam rolling article, ok maybe for a few minutes”.
  6. Megan the fox

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