1. Its great to see the effect this blog is having. I walked into the Jits room at the griphouse to find 5-6 guys rolling around on various implements improving their soft tissue quality.

Here is the last part of our SMR (self myofascial release) routine. Thorasic mobilisation on a home made peanut thingy.

The penut thing is basically two tennis balls covered in zinc oxide tape. The gap in the middle is a bit more forgiving on your spine.

The sound of gunshots in the background is James smashing stuff.

2. I was listening to the Fitcast yestertday and Fat Loss Expert Leigh Peele said something that really stuck with me. Some one had asked about whether eating a certain food (like doughnuts or summit) was bad or not.

Leigh mentioned that it probably would not do anything too catistrophic but it certainly wouldnt do anything good for you. For me this was a new concept, looking at what i could get from the food i ate as opposed to the harm it could do.

I know that when im eating better i train better. If I hit up Where the Monkey Sleeps for lunch and order Taxi for Brown and the french toast and a coke and a kurgan and a piece of rocky road the size of my head chances are I’ll be in an insulin driven coma in 30 mins.

If I eat some chicken and green beans I might just be able to train the several times a day that this fight camp requires and not get beaten to death. Great incentive there.

3. I am off to Newcastle this weekend to corner Mark Connor at the Strike and Submit show and to check out the functional training summit being hosted by Nick Grantham and Robert Dos Remedios when all thats done ill be heading to SBG UK Headquarters to pick Karl Tanswell’s massive mma brain. This should be a fun weekend of knowledge and violence.

4. Am I the only one that thought that Anderson Silva retaining his title at the highest level of the sport while basically fucking about and not getting hit in the face was hilariously funny? Yeah thought i was the only one.

5. And after seeing the best film ever last night Crank 2 High Voltage i think ill be going with Amy Smart as todays Girl


1. Trainings been great recently things are starting to really ramp up in intensity. Its great when we have so many guys training for big fights (see absolute-combat.co.uk). Everyone is really sharp and willing to help out with whatever needs to be done. Consequently not a day goes past where i haven’t taken a hellacious beating of someone oh the joys of a professional career in mma.

2. Activation of inactive or inhibited muscle groups is something everyone should be checking out. I know that if I stretch my hip flexors aggressively then do some glute bridges before I squat, deadlift, box jump etc, i will shift more metal. Only recently have I started doing this before Muay Thai and jits. RESULT? Better at hitting stuff and a spassy bridge.

Could this all be a result of my imagination? Maybe, but for the 3 minutes it takes im going to stick with it. Activation article coming soon.

3. I hate to give props to anyone who isnt me but DNFT fighter Allan Love has done something quite remarkable. Not content with winning his 2nd Pro MMA bout. No Love went on to take Gold in the Bristol BJJ open in his weight class and the absolute, a week later he won Gold at the Grappling Challenge sub wrestling Event and to top it off last week he won his first Muay Thai bout. The guy likes to keep busy check out his blog here Allan No Love Blog.

I  actually banned him from training for a week to let a couple of niggly injuries clear up and by tues he was already doing my tits in asking to train. Any more of this shit and ill be unleashing the monkey hitman on him, but he’d probably kick its pie in too.

4. Yeah ok I just wanted to use the Hitman Monkey meme.

5. So the Cris Cyborg chick missed weight by 7lbs then promptly battered an undersized Japanese pixy girl. As someone who has spent 3hrs in a fecking sauna (and 7hrs in sauna car woo) making weight i feel that missing weight is up there with slapping children, robbing grannys and raping farm yard animals in a list of things that just arent cool.

Despite having done a shit load of physiology in Uni Ive never got a handle on the whole menstral cycle thing. Oh sure i knew it for exams but some part of my brain has decided im not supposed to know about it and im cool with that. But what sort of hormonal reaction can occur to make you miss weight by 3 kilos im not even sure mainlining cake would do that.

6. heres the blog bird for today have a good one.

1. Are you an elite level Jiu jits guy? Have you only got rudimentary striking and takedown ability? Want to be successful in MMA?

If you answered yes to these questions, wow thanks for reading my blog, your much better than me and I probably would give a nut to have your game. Anyhoo, I have seen a big half guard trend in mma of late. Cant take a guy down no problem pull half guard and sweep him.

Just this week we have seen great half guard work from the likes of Martin Kampmann, Andre Galvao, Shoalin and Jeff Curran.

Half Guard has gone from being a position where you get melted to an offensive position for sweeps or for standing back up. I have been playing with it for a while now and im much more comfortable in half than in full guard when mma sparring.

2. Miguel Torres vs Takeya Mizugaki gave me a massive chubby. Both Guys leathered each other for 5 rounds and had great conditioning. For me this was fight of the year so far. One day i hope to get to the level these guys are at. Bantam and Featherweight bouts are always amazing.

3. My Winnings Gloves are winging there way to me from Japan. These are supposed to be the best gloves in the world and are great for guys like me whos hands decide to periodically disintegrate. Either that or ive been suckered by marketting. Great service from the site as well.


4. Great article on teaching power cleans here by Tom Oberhue.

Power Cleans of Doom

5. Special thanks to Will Smith for helping me with my Hill Sprints (VIA iPod) “Getting jiggy wit it nah nah nah”


Ok I know i claimed that there would be a veritable treasure trove of strength and conditioning information for you guys to feast on when i started this blog. Instead you made do with drunken antics, random waffling and scantily clad ladies.

I appreciate you for still being here and in return here is the first part of the putting it all together series. Soft Tissue Work.

As a full time coach i end up doing a lot of stuff. I honestly believe that without foam rolling, stretching and EQI’s id probably be dead by now. OK maybe not dead but I would definitly be carrying around a lot more injuries and my quality of movement would suck the big one.

In my first brain draft of this article i wanted to write about awesome stuff like Golgi tendon organs and autogenic inhibition. But I have come to relise there is a definate correlation between me dropping knowl(edge) bombs and being called a fag by the Firestarter and No Love. So heres the dumbed down version.

Physical activity will effect your musculoskeletal system. If you pick up heavy stuff you will get stronger. If you dont move around much you will get adaptive shortening.

If you are alive chances are you have certain muscles that are riddled with adhesions and scar tissue. These muscles are commonly shortened, hypertonic and not preforming optimally.

Foam rolling and the like can reduce the amount of these adhesions and scar tissue and improve the muscles tone.

Leading too:

  • Improved Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Improved Quality of movement.

No longer will you have to look like a goon doing the overhead lunges during line drills and if your moving better its less likely  Gazz will kick off on you during one of his inverted guard classes.

Sample Routine

I use 3 pieces of kit for my soft tissue work.

1. A roller/the video below features my home made one. This video was made with guys pulling faces and exposing their wangs off camera, i feel my professionalism shone through . Heres what I am looking to hit in each position.

  • Calves- Gastocnemius
  • Calves outside- peroneals
  • Thigh Front- Quadriceps (rectus femoris) and a bit of Tensor fascia lata
  • Thigh Side- Illiotibial band and vastus lateralis
  • Thigh inner- Adductors
  • Upper Body- Latissimus Dorsi

2. The next piece of equipment I am using is a soft ball. Its smaller and the pressure is more focal making it useful for getting at certain muscles.

What we are looking for here is:

  • Sole of foot- plantar fascia
  • Arse- Gluteals and piriformis
  • Armpit- Infraspinatus and teres minor
  • Chest- Pec Minor
  • Hip- Tensor fascia lata

Ill add the last piece of equipment in tomorrow or whenever i have time.

This is an example of pretty decent soft tissue management program. Obviously do both sides of the body and the durations will depend on what you find in the muscle. Spend longer on areas that make you want to cry and less time on areas that are not so bad.

Initially i would recommend trying to get this done everyday. Over time as your soft tissue quality improves you will need to spend less and less time on the movements.

Heres a request from the G-Unit

This should be an awesome weekend, Loveys fighting thai, sportfight is on and the afterparty is shaping up to be carnage.


P  Nice

Ive been having a great time of late. Training has been bad ass, placed on offer on a flat, seen Metallica and celebrated Guys 40th Birthday. Here is some things that occurred during this time ill let you guess at what event each took place.

  • Lovey destroyed a mosh pit full of teenagers like Godzilla
  • Jason and Garry “firestarter” Christie got barred for life from the strip joint mentioned in a previous post.
  • Paddy O’Brien (i hate how he’s significantly more Irish than me) got twisted drunk and sang the “gay bar” song at Karaoke. Only to forget all but two of the words  (see the title) and make animal noises throughout the rest of the track.  The sexy dance interlude  with bam bam was amazing though.
  • I used a devastating spider guard sweep to drop brick on his head and compact his spine a few inches in a sumo suit battle. He countered with a dropkick and was declared the overall winner.
  • I got caught saying “this flat is fucking shite and looks like a tramps arsehole has been living here” by the owner.

1. As i sit here my legs feel like they have been run over by a bus and my arse is so taut (like a tiger) i could use it as a snare drum. Here is why

Death sprints

Apologies for the stalker breathing and the use of the word “rapey”.

Bottom of the hill

I think its important to have a few aspects of training that you literally dread. The act of overcoming something physically demanding is great for a fighter and breeds mental toughness. In sparring if your the best guy (I really don’t have this problem) you can slack off and coast. Unfortunately theres no hiding behind a superior skill set here its simply a matter of pointing your balls (or ovaries sorry Jo) up a hill and going as fast as you possibly can.

I woke this morning and spent about 20minutes thinking up excuses for why i didn’t need to do it, “I trained six hours yesterday feck that hill”,”my legs are jacked form weights”, “I am already fit, I dont want to its too fucking hard” and the best one “i think I have sand in my vagina”.

Did it anyway and feel like a king now…… A really sore, immobile king that cant stand but a king none the less.

Outstanding achievement award

2. John West no drain tuna is my new favourite thing.

Its a handy 36.7g of protein and its dolphin friendly if that makes you happy. Personally i feel that meat tastes better when you know a large range of animals have suffered but that’s just me….. goes out to make sure PETA haven’t kicked in my door.

3. I made a new foam roller out of a drain pipe i had lying around the gym. I thought i was being resourceful everyone else things im being a c-unit.

4. Ok my secrets out. Im pretty much immune to the wily charms of the opposite sex. I dont read nuts magazine and use words such as phwoar. Nor would i follow a girl in the street just to see where she lives, then set up camp in some nearby bushes with duct tape and cable ties. I know i am losing man points but i cant seem to care. I have been out of the game for 10 years with the one-gina condition and perving requires way too much effort.

So if anyone can recommend some decent blog birds for me to litter round this page ill appreciate it.  In the mean time ill play it safe with a picture of Jessica Alba’s arse.

Stay classy guys.