Putting it all together- Soft Tissue Work and why it should be done.

April 9, 2009

Ok I know i claimed that there would be a veritable treasure trove of strength and conditioning information for you guys to feast on when i started this blog. Instead you made do with drunken antics, random waffling and scantily clad ladies.

I appreciate you for still being here and in return here is the first part of the putting it all together series. Soft Tissue Work.

As a full time coach i end up doing a lot of stuff. I honestly believe that without foam rolling, stretching and EQI’s id probably be dead by now. OK maybe not dead but I would definitly be carrying around a lot more injuries and my quality of movement would suck the big one.

In my first brain draft of this article i wanted to write about awesome stuff like Golgi tendon organs and autogenic inhibition. But I have come to relise there is a definate correlation between me dropping knowl(edge) bombs and being called a fag by the Firestarter and No Love. So heres the dumbed down version.

Physical activity will effect your musculoskeletal system. If you pick up heavy stuff you will get stronger. If you dont move around much you will get adaptive shortening.

If you are alive chances are you have certain muscles that are riddled with adhesions and scar tissue. These muscles are commonly shortened, hypertonic and not preforming optimally.

Foam rolling and the like can reduce the amount of these adhesions and scar tissue and improve the muscles tone.

Leading too:

  • Improved Mobility and Range of Motion
  • Improved Quality of movement.

No longer will you have to look like a goon doing the overhead lunges during line drills and if your moving better its less likely  Gazz will kick off on you during one of his inverted guard classes.

Sample Routine

I use 3 pieces of kit for my soft tissue work.

1. A roller/the video below features my home made one. This video was made with guys pulling faces and exposing their wangs off camera, i feel my professionalism shone through . Heres what I am looking to hit in each position.

  • Calves- Gastocnemius
  • Calves outside- peroneals
  • Thigh Front- Quadriceps (rectus femoris) and a bit of Tensor fascia lata
  • Thigh Side- Illiotibial band and vastus lateralis
  • Thigh inner- Adductors
  • Upper Body- Latissimus Dorsi

2. The next piece of equipment I am using is a soft ball. Its smaller and the pressure is more focal making it useful for getting at certain muscles.

What we are looking for here is:

  • Sole of foot- plantar fascia
  • Arse- Gluteals and piriformis
  • Armpit- Infraspinatus and teres minor
  • Chest- Pec Minor
  • Hip- Tensor fascia lata

Ill add the last piece of equipment in tomorrow or whenever i have time.

This is an example of pretty decent soft tissue management program. Obviously do both sides of the body and the durations will depend on what you find in the muscle. Spend longer on areas that make you want to cry and less time on areas that are not so bad.

Initially i would recommend trying to get this done everyday. Over time as your soft tissue quality improves you will need to spend less and less time on the movements.

Heres a request from the G-Unit

This should be an awesome weekend, Loveys fighting thai, sportfight is on and the afterparty is shaping up to be carnage.


P  Nice


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