Random Friday Musings 10/04/09

April 10, 2009

1. Are you an elite level Jiu jits guy? Have you only got rudimentary striking and takedown ability? Want to be successful in MMA?

If you answered yes to these questions, wow thanks for reading my blog, your much better than me and I probably would give a nut to have your game. Anyhoo, I have seen a big half guard trend in mma of late. Cant take a guy down no problem pull half guard and sweep him.

Just this week we have seen great half guard work from the likes of Martin Kampmann, Andre Galvao, Shoalin and Jeff Curran.

Half Guard has gone from being a position where you get melted to an offensive position for sweeps or for standing back up. I have been playing with it for a while now and im much more comfortable in half than in full guard when mma sparring.

2. Miguel Torres vs Takeya Mizugaki gave me a massive chubby. Both Guys leathered each other for 5 rounds and had great conditioning. For me this was fight of the year so far. One day i hope to get to the level these guys are at. Bantam and Featherweight bouts are always amazing.

3. My Winnings Gloves are winging there way to me from Japan. These are supposed to be the best gloves in the world and are great for guys like me whos hands decide to periodically disintegrate. Either that or ive been suckered by marketting. Great service from the site as well.


4. Great article on teaching power cleans here by Tom Oberhue.

Power Cleans of Doom

5. Special thanks to Will Smith for helping me with my Hill Sprints (VIA iPod) “Getting jiggy wit it nah nah nah”



One Response to “Random Friday Musings 10/04/09”

  1. Hywel said

    I agree with you about Torres vs Mizugaki – twas awesome awesome awesome

    Plus points for the Easton pic 🙂

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