Random Friday Musings 24/04/09

April 24, 2009

1. Its great to see the effect this blog is having. I walked into the Jits room at the griphouse to find 5-6 guys rolling around on various implements improving their soft tissue quality.

Here is the last part of our SMR (self myofascial release) routine. Thorasic mobilisation on a home made peanut thingy.

The penut thing is basically two tennis balls covered in zinc oxide tape. The gap in the middle is a bit more forgiving on your spine.

The sound of gunshots in the background is James smashing stuff.

2. I was listening to the Fitcast yestertday and Fat Loss Expert Leigh Peele said something that really stuck with me. Some one had asked about whether eating a certain food (like doughnuts or summit) was bad or not.

Leigh mentioned that it probably would not do anything too catistrophic but it certainly wouldnt do anything good for you. For me this was a new concept, looking at what i could get from the food i ate as opposed to the harm it could do.

I know that when im eating better i train better. If I hit up Where the Monkey Sleeps for lunch and order Taxi for Brown and the french toast and a coke and a kurgan and a piece of rocky road the size of my head chances are I’ll be in an insulin driven coma in 30 mins.

If I eat some chicken and green beans I might just be able to train the several times a day that this fight camp requires and not get beaten to death. Great incentive there.

3. I am off to Newcastle this weekend to corner Mark Connor at the Strike and Submit show and to check out the functional training summit being hosted by Nick Grantham and Robert Dos Remedios when all thats done ill be heading to SBG UK Headquarters to pick Karl Tanswell’s massive mma brain. This should be a fun weekend of knowledge and violence.

4. Am I the only one that thought that Anderson Silva retaining his title at the highest level of the sport while basically fucking about and not getting hit in the face was hilariously funny? Yeah thought i was the only one.

5. And after seeing the best film ever last night Crank 2 High Voltage i think ill be going with Amy Smart as todays Girl


One Response to “Random Friday Musings 24/04/09”

  1. Neill Wylie said

    Section 2 is something that I have been looking more at myself lately. I used to eat everything and anything, but now that I’m on a rigerous plan for my upcoming fellraces, I have to take all things into account. Not only am I dropping 30lbs for these races, but I’m putting my body through a tougher pace at training than I have done in a long time. This means that as many callories as possible must be nutritionally packed with things that I specifically need for hard running so that I can still lose weight whilst remaining athletically functional.
    I’ve really enjoyed the soft tissue work in your articles and have found that implementing this stuff into my pre and post session work as well as my flexibility training has helped me rather a lot so far, especially on my soleus which has been giving me bother for sometime now. For the first time in over a year, I don’t have pains in my heels.
    Enjoying your blog man, glad you’re writing.

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