Random Saturday Musings 03/05/09

May 3, 2009

Sorry for the delay folks, Friday was a total write off. My day began with the infamous hill sprints which you have seen before. However this time imagine I’m by myself and its monsoon season in Glasvegas. To be honest i think my sprint times were faster because of the sheer desire to get back home before i drowned.

A few hours later we were off to Bathgate for a new mma show. We had 3 guys on and went 2-1. Danny Boomtime won by armbar (his opponent subsequently proposed to his girlfriend in the cage) and JC decapitated a guy from Manu Fernandez’ team with a head kick. Bam lost by armbar but knows the mistakes he made and will be better for it.

1. There really is no better preparation for a fight than sparring. We have been having regular team sparring sessions, bringing together our best people and letting them kick my head in. This has been great for several reasons

  • I was tired of being ridiculously, ridiculously good looking
  • In my next bout i wont have to fight 8 different fresh guys.
  • My next opponents weight  wont range from lightweight to light heavyweight.
  • And ill have a full week of tapering before I compete as opposed to doing this shit at the end of a horrible training week.

If you have only a few hours to train for a fight hard sparring a few times a week is the way to go. Everything else falls on top of this sparring foundation. Don’t get so caught up in a particular program or workout at the expense of the most sport specific form of conditioning available to you.

2. Unless you are way better than your sparring partners and aren’t getting a conditioning effect because of your superior skill set, then some fight replication circuits are in order.

We tend to use these a lot when approaching a fight as we get fight level intensity, mixing lots of the energy systems involved and utilizing techniques we expect to see in a bout, all with a decreased risk of injury. They are great from a strategy standpoint as we can use these to reinforce game plans even when the fighter is megatroned.

Here’s an example for a grappler vs striker scenario

  • 45 seconds Thai pad combination into double and single leg entry
  • 45sec competitive clinch against wall to takedown
  • 30 seconds finishing single leg
  • 30 sec finishing double leg
  • 45 second ground and pound and prevent partner standing
  • 45 second return to standing from various positions
  • 1 min Thai pad combination into double and single leg entry
  • 1 min ground and pound bag.

Repeat till it becomes immoral, usually 4-5 rds with 1 min rest between them.

3. I took trip down to Newcastle at the weekend to corner Mark Connor who was competing on Strike and Submit and attend the functional training summit hosted by Nick Grantham and featuring Robert Dos Remedios.

After the fights i bummed a lift to manchester and trained with Karl Tanswell and the guys at Straight Blast Gym. Will give this all  a bit of a write up on its own later in the week.

By the by Mark won via triangle against the very dangerous and undefeated Bill Coultas in what turned out to be a great fight.

4. Heres a band we have been checking out at the gym that you may not have heard off.Well unless your really into J Metal but arent we all.

5. And keeping with the japanese theme


P Nice

Stop press: just heard that my brother from an Asian mother Lyn Excitement Minn Dyn just kicked a dudes head of in his Muay Thai bout at the Power Of Scotland show. Thats 2 head kick KO’s by my team mates in one weekend. Flash fuckers 🙂 well done guys.


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