Ridiculously Fast Food…. that isnt shit.

May 4, 2009

This is a quick one folks. When I was a personal trainer in a normal gym people would often tell me that my meal plans and eating schedules were unfeasible.

The food was too expensive, tasted crap, took too long to prepare, blah blah whine. The bottom line is that if you are a interested in fat loss, nutrition should be your main focus. Learn what you can about it and start doing things right. If that means finding some extra time for food prep you just do it.

As I am a total dick i used to love to make people do horrible metabolic circuits or interval training only to tell them that they burned about the equivalent of the Powerade they drank during the session. Its a great reminder of the importance of nutrition.

Nutrition doesn’t just apply to those trying to lose weight. If i eat well my performance in training is much better. Its just a happy coincidence that it helps make me totally jacked and tanned.

“Not now chief I’m in the fucking zone” I love guidos.

I am a big fan of the whole Precision Nutrition program and the Gourmet Nutrition cookbook was one of the best things I have ever bought. However with fight training I have been getting shit lazy with everyday activities like cleaning up, preparing food and maintaining basic standards of personal hygiene.

What i have gotten good at is making sure I get decent nutrition with virtual no preparation or cooking. Heres an example from today.

  • 8am 4 egg omelette- 4 eggs, half an onion, skank load of tomatos, peppers and mangetout. I chopped everything up the night before. Prep time about 3 mins
  • 11am protein shake- 2 scoops, big whack of raspberries, banana, flax meal. Prep time about 1 min
  • 2pm- Cottage cheese blueberries and some almonds. Prep time about the time it took to take of a lid.
  • 5pm- Pre packed Chicken breast with no mu spice stuff, green beans and red pepper. Prep time about 1 min
  • 8.30pm- John West no drain tuna, balsamic vinegar spray, sugar snap peas. Prep time about 10 seconds
  • 11.00pm- 100g herb ham. Prep time it took me a while to find it in the fridge.

Apart from the omellette (i use the name in the loosest sense it was scrambled eggs with vegtables really) nothing required much more prep than using a tin opener. I do like to cook but if im short on time its cool to know that i can get great nutrition without eating crap.

If I do eat something thats a bit shit its because ive chosen to do so not because im forced too by circumstance.

Now get some Famke Jansen



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