Random Friday Musings 08/05/09

May 8, 2009

1. We are lucky enough to have jiu jitsu black belt John Kavanagh over this weekend at the Griphouse. John has been coaching me from the very start of my career and has also been a great mentor for the whole running a martial arts gym business. He will be coaching for 8 hours over the weekend and covering a lot of great no gi guard variations. Theres still a few places if your interested thegriphouse@gmail.com.

2. Ive been giving some serious thoughts to giving myself an off season of sorts. An off season is present in most sports, its a period of time when you dont train for the sport but focus on making yourself a better athlete.

Up to this point i have been trying to do everything at the same time jits, wrestling, Muay thai and strength and conditioning. I cant help but thinking that im limiting development in all these areas by not specialising.

The shear volume of cardio we do training for the sport has got to be limiting strength gains and I am constantly banged up which cant help. I think a few months of dedicated strength work coupled with tonnes of low intensity technique work might be a nice way to change things up.

Problem is a get a bit twitchy if i dont have an awesome gym war every few days and I dont think ill be able to sit and watch guys sparring and not try to jump in and maul someone like a spider monkey hopped up on mad chinese shit.

3. I dont think I get periodisation. I know its fundamental to the whole being a strength coach vibe and I understand a lot of the concepts. I just dont really do well with options (you should see me in blockbuster trying to find a movie to go home and illegally download) does linear still have value, what about undulating, then there is linear alternate, should i be concurrent with strength and power development, which is better for in season training and lets face it we are always in season as mma athletes.

At the minute all is well  due to the training age of most of my athletes i could tie a pig to there backs all day and they would probably get stronger, but as they get more advanced i may be in the shit.

Thankfully i have guys like Ollie Richardson at fighterstrength.com to annoy and a few others who will be getting spammed with my brain farts.

4. whoops gotta go sign a mortgage thingy and im still in my pants later guys have some blog mainstay


4 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 08/05/09”

  1. A Random Friday’s Musings put up while I’m still in work. I commend you Mr McVeigh for your unusual promptness.

    I’m interested in having a pig tied to my back to measure the strength gains, where do i sign up?

    With the BFC going tits up and no Cage Warriors show you could have the ideal time to do an off season. Plus if me and Gaz are in Rio, Doug is never around, Tamer being kept mad busy with work and Marcus being kpet busy with the kid you’d be missing alot of your better rolls.

    Plus you’ve got the new flat so Maeve could keep you busy doing old folk stuff like painting and shit to use up your energy.

    Also means you’ll be rusty when I get back from rio and I can smash you with cool new Rio moves.

    Yeah have an off season!

  2. Bouff said

    Just not enough time in the day/days in the week is there?

    The Boa guys are still very interested in having you through man so please let us know when you are free.

    Whats happened to the BFC?

    To Mr Love, Stuart Mckay, Max and Jarvie from boa are all headin to Rio at the end of July for the Bjj World championships. Just thought i’d let you know so you can hangout or avoid each other. What ever you prefer 😀 lol.

  3. Go ahead try and have an off season, having known you for the best part of 7 years i know for a FACT you can hardly sit still long enough to take a shit, never mind kill the intensity you/we train at for any period longer than it takes me to draw a cock on your work out plan.

    The periodisation thing is also lost on me, how can a women bleed like that and not die, baffels me.

    Good blog, and being serious for a minute ive got some ideas for the off season stuff that will be cool.

  4. Neill Wylie said

    This might be a longshot, but if you dont already own it, “Serious strength training” by Tudor O.Bompa, PhD and by Lorenzo J. Cornacchia, published by “Human kinetics” might be a good book to take pointers from with regards to your periodization. It has a large section focusing on Microcycles and periodisation be it in all about a defferent subject matter and sport. I know I’m not half the athlete that you are, but aspects of the book helped me in relation to finding balance within my fitness regimne.

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