Functional Training Summit Review

May 13, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I attended the Functional Training Summit organised by Nick Grantham of Smart Fitness. I think its really important to check out events like these they are a great way to pick up new ideas and network your ass off.

The Keynote Speaker was Robert Dos Remedios. He’s the Author of the book Power Training and is the Director of Speed, Strength & Conditioning at College of the Canyons in Santa Clarita, CA, a position he has held since 1999.

I really liked his philosophy on strength development and his emphasis on developing mental toughness. Check this out for a look inside his weight room.

Here’s a review of the presentations.

  • Ultimate Core Conditioning- Strong and Stable

This presentation kicked of with some of the current thoughts on training for core stability and strength. We were shown the dangers of trying to isolate a particular muscle group and reminded that a lot of the core training info comes from physios who are awesome at bringing you back from injury but may not have the same insight with regards to performance enhancement.

The hands on was wicked fun, got to play with the land mine thingy and picked up a bunch of good plank progressions and anti rotation stuff with the bands. The spider man push up was hella cool.

  • Recovery and Regeneration Strategiesā€¦The 24 Hour Athlete- Nick Grantham

This was a last minute addition to the summit but was one of my favourites. I have really got into the recovery aspect of performance and I suspect i would probably be dead by now if it wasnt for my foam roller and contrast showers.

The presentation introduced us to the Recovery pyramid, beginning with the most fundamental aspects of the recovery equation, adequate sleep, stretching and nutrition. Going up the pyramid the modalities become more involved culminating with stuff like flotation rooms and cryotherapy (which sounded ball shrinkingly terrifying).

  • Performance Management in Strength and Conditioning Coaching Nick Ward National Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach, Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme

I think the basic premise of this talk was write shit down and keep records of your results. This was good for me as i can be pretty lazy with that side of Strength Coaching. This one was more applicable to those looking to work within established teams and have proof of their abilities, as opposed to me who already has a gym and body of athletes who have to do what i say or i kick off.


This was the first Keynote presentation and was turbo good. This was chopped into 2 parts the first being stuff people do wrong in the gym while the second part focussed on Coach Dos training philosophy and methods.

Heres some of the mistakes we talked about in the first part:

  1. Steady State Cardio for Fat loss- not as effective as you know not eating cake.
  2. Not enough resistance training- strength training is the shit
  3. Not enough patience with progress- program jumping
  4. Ridiculous diet practices- like i am curently doing,
  5. Too much time in the gym- his athletes get about 15-16 sets max
  6. Too much socializing in gym- I pod in and go.
  7. Scared of athletic movements- olympic lifts, medball stuff, plyos
  8. Not Enough Variation- same old routine
  9. Too much focus on Isolation Exercises
  10. Ignoring the overload principle- progressive overload is key.

The next section covered a lot of the stuff covered in the power training book. I liked the idea that athletes look totally awesome as a byproduct of their performance enhancement training as opposed to training for asethetics.

We went through the way he ratonalises his philosophy and program design. His ideas on alternating linear periodisation was interesting and made a lot of sense. This was 3 hours of awesomeness.

ill do the next part tomorrow but first

Just kidding but now that youve had your morning cup of vomit in your mouth heres olympian amanda beard


2 Responses to “Functional Training Summit Review”

  1. Neill Wylie said

    I honestly think that I’ve driven by the college in Santa Clarita. It’s about a 20 minute drive down the San Fernando Valley from Muscle beach where all of the gay bodybuilders rub oil on each other and shit. Probably a good place to develop sports studies.

  2. I like the spider man pushups, very similar to using the ab roller but I can see how this probably carries over more to grapplers. Great post on core training and functional strength, though it could have gone without one of the pics, lol.

    Derek Manuel
    MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach
    MMA Workouts

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