1. Well I would like to say I had an excuse for not updating the blog yesterday but the truth is I was having too much fun. You see we managed to get our hands on a rather powerful bow and about 40 arrows.

The music was inspirational.

2. It seems that the more I learn about all the stuff I am into these days the more basic it becomes. With Jiu jitsu I am constantly telling guys to

1. keep their elbows in,

2. move their arses/hips and

3. Don’t get crossfaced.

With regards to strength and conditioning my answer seems to be constantly GET STRONGER in response to most of the questions I get.

“How do I get better at mma/jits/thai?”

Ok your already really good have you thought about GETTING STRONGER?

“How do I get massive guns”

First of all only gay men like giant biceps, and if you GOT STRONGER youd probably get some decent sized pipes out of it. *I go off and lament my puny arm cannons*

“How do I lose weight?”

Eay healthy stuff and GET STRONGER.

“How do I get that hot polish chick who got undressed in the guys changing room last wednesday to notice me?”

I cant believe I missed that, oh and get stronger Polish chicks dig 200kg deadlifts, FACT.

“I want to have more power, you know hit shit harder and double leg people through walls”

Well power is a factor of the amount of load you can move and the time it takes you to do it, so GETTING STRONGER should potentially make you more powerful (i thought bolding GETTING STRONGER would be a cool to make a point but now wordpress is fucking with me and wont let me unbold stuff so here we have it.)

I think it was last week I spoke about the importance of power and the rate of force development. I use this blog to brain fart a lot so I hope it doesn’t sound like a contradiction. To clarify once a certain degree of strength is achieved the rate of force development becomes more important.

Does is really make any difference in mma performance if you increase the weight you can squat from 250kg to 275kg? (cool fixed it).

3. So how strong is strong enough? For some figures i pulled up an old article by Mike Boyle

The following is what constitutes “strong” in some basic exercises for drug-free adult males according to Mike.

Bench press: 1.25 to 1.5 x bodyweight

Clean: 1.25 to 1.5 x bodyweight

Front squat: 1.5 to 1.75 x bodyweight

One-leg squat: 0.5 x bodyweight for 5 reps

Chin-up: 0.5 x bodyweight for a single rep

If you are hitting these sorts of number it might be time to start working on some speed variations, med ball throws and plyometrics.

4. Most people lack the ankle and hip mobility to do bilateral barbell lifts like squats and deadlifts properly. This is really annoying but can be fixed quite quickly with some foam rolling, static stretching and dynamic flexibility drills in most cases.

5. Heres a lady I found kicking about when i was searching for wrestling videos from the bejing olympics.

hot chick with a pole

hot chick with a pole

Im being lazy and not looking for smut I apologise.

More stuff next week if i dont die in some archery inspired madness.


So i mentioned id throw up a video of the cook squat and here it is,

Ok so its the wrong way round and i forgot to open the shutter but you get the idea. This is our level 3 progression. Initially we don’t do the over head reach and focus solely on hip mobility, then we alternate arms over head for level 2 and finally we have what you see above.

And while I Am here, did anyone know Allan Love used to be a pro wrestler called Evan the punisher Lowe.

I am eternally surprised that our gym is busy with this sort of activity occurring daily.

After checking out Transformers in the Imax Tamer demanded a Megan Fox pic today so….

2hrs 30 minutes of shizz getting blown up and Megan Fox running in slo mo, it worked for me.

Sorry for not posting last week, but I hope to make it up too you by staying on top of the Making Sense of Ground and Pound Articles. This series is the product of years of jiu jitsu and mma sparring as well as studying the great ground and pound guys in our sport to an almost stalker level. I hope you dig it.

1. The future is here,

I spent most of last weekend watching XARM videos on youtube. I really dont know what to say about it. On one hand I kinda see their pursuit for mainstream acceptance as being simalar to the one undertaken by mma enthusasts a few years back. On the other hand i found it impossible  not laugh my ass of and dance around like an excited monkey. THEY FRIGGIN TIE THERE HANDS TOGETHER AND TELL THEM TO GO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER. Jebus I think I killed my spleen laughing.

2. If that hilarity wasnt enough I have found my new favourite website.

Texts from Last Night

The tag line is “Remember that text you shouldnt have sent last night? We do” heres some of my favourites,

  • (484): he refuses to go down on me anymore when he’s high because he thinks my clit piercing stares at him
  • (512): If I see one more duchette wearing Ed Hardy, but not actually having a real tattoo. I swear Im gonna shank a bitch.
  • (210): I just want to hang out with her.
    (916): You’re a liar. Why do I have to give you reasons you can’t have sex with my mom? I hate you.
  • (216): Where the fuck is Rob at, he hasnt answered his phone in like 2 weeks.
    (440): Dude Rob died 2 weeks ago wtf?
    (216): Holy shit r u serious? How?
    (440): Just kidding, but im pretty sure he boned your gf and doesnt want to talk to you.

3. Well it appears that my inane blogging and cak talking has got me somewhere after all, it looks like im writing for Fighters Only for a few months. Its ubercool and im enjoying it, the next article should get people talking, its on Myths and Misconceptions in MMA Strength and Conditioning. Part of it deals with snorkel and gas mask training.

4. I have noticed a lot of the guys who train jiu jitsu and muay thai at the Griphouse have trouble with achieveing proper squat depth when the start strength and conditioning work with us.

What this usually meant was that I would have to spend a bit of time doing specific foam rolling, working on ankle and hip mobility drills while I got them started on basic split squat variations. This all took up valuable S and C time.

My solution has been to address the squat in our class warm ups. We already do a tonne of lunge variations to address hip mobility but the addition of Gray Cooks “cook squat” has been great for improving the squat technique of our athletes coming to lift weights.

I didnt have time to do a video today so Ill post it up tomorrow.

Conclusion is that if you have problems with a specific movement pattern addressing it for a couple of weeks in your warm ups is a great way to clean things up. We have used a simalar plan to address the single leg deadlift in the past.

Squat girls leg cannons are immense

Squat girls leg cannons are immense

5. Another new addition to our warm ups has been the hip external rotator stretch.

Playing guard places your hips in an flexed,abducted and externally rotated position. Spending prolonged periods like this can jack your hips up. Jiu jitsu guys tend to have great external rotation but crappy internal rotation.This is something I have seen a lot in our own guys.

This deficiet in internal/external rotation can lead to problems including lower back pain. Hopefully the addition of this new static stretch will help us get to the 40 degrees of internal rotation we are looking for.

5. And finally I am competing again in August, its nice to be busy. Its cool to be fighting in my home town especially when ill be fighting the best guys in Europe. Yes that right, i said guys its an 4 man tournament. Never fought in a tournament and it raises some interesting problems. Should be a good learning experience as well as another opportunity to kick off and not get arrested.

Double hotness today


This will be my attempt to breakdown the multi faceted world of facial melting. Over the years due to sucking at stand up striking I spent a lot of time on ground and pound and have developed a system that has been working well for our athletes.

Due to the dynamic nature of the sport these principles are not set it stone. There will be exceptions to every rule. However in the beginning of your journey towards being the next Fedor you should incorporate these principles and then with experience you can break the rules. I hope to give you a system that will allow you to wail away on your opponents head and avoid all those pesky arm bars and triangles

This is a huge topic with very little information; you can pick up a DVD instructional on every aspect of your favourite obscure guard variation but will struggle to find anything on one of the most fundamental aspects of mixed martial arts competition.

We will start the journey with Top Guard and give an overview of the program from there.

Basic Postures

There are 3 identifiable stages when striking from within an opponents guard. They are

Stage 1

Stage 1 Safety Position

Stage 2 High Postures and Hip Drive

Stage 2 High Postures and Hip Drive

Stage 3 Standing postures

Stage 3 Standing postures

The damage that can be inflicted tends to increases as you progress through the stages but unfortunately so to do the risks of reversals, submissions and scrambles.

Stage 1 The Safety Position

Stage 1 is your bedrock and the safest position you can adopt. Anytime someone even sniffs a submission on me this is where I go to. Its offers you safety, a reset and a recovery.

Follow these rules and you will be a complete arsehole to submit or move from guard:

  • Hand Position

By keeping the hands on the shoulder or biceps you limit your opponent’s offense. To do anything to you he needs an attachment; an over hook, head control, a foot on the hip. With this posture you control the attachment.

The forearm choke position is a variation on this position and designed for those who like dropping hellbows (scary elbows). You are increasing the possibility of a back take or an arm bar but so long as you control the bicep, do not put to much pressure on the neck and are aware of these dangers you should be golden.

  • Never put hand on mat

If you touch the floor you will have problems. I have worked with too many guys who, if they get an over hook ,will ruin me. Keep hand position correct.

  • Keep toes tucked

One of the things that I found while attacking one of my training partners was their desire to demonstrate his 420kg leg press on my 67kg frame. With the toes flat I went arse surfing across the mat with toes tucked I kept hold of an ankle and ended up in Stage 3 which is way preferable. Keep the toes tucked it will make your life easier.

  • Follow hips

This is huge. Your opponent has very limited offensive options if you mirror his hip position. Think about it; nearly every single offensive technique that can be utilized against you requires an angle. Take that angle away and you will have much more fun.

  • Head to chin contact.

Ok so spike elbowing your brain repeatedly does not require an angle. To avoid this keep head to chin contact thus negating this space and avoid a scar that could make your shaved head look like a Willy.

  • Clear attachments

If an opponent does manage to get hold of you; get rid of the attachment. It only takes a second to get rid of the attachment then your back to your game plan. The videos below show the best way to clear some common attachments safely.

Seeing somebody trying to strike will being in a deep over hook is tragic to watch and usually ends with that person getting nailed with a triangle pretty soon afterwards.

A good saying that has stuck around in the gym is “break the grip then break then face” I have always liked it.

  • Basic combinations

And finally we get round to actually punching people. Again develop your own combinations based on your body type, preferences and game plans. Body body head is a pretty safe place to start then working on tying up wrists can be fun. If the principles are in place youll figure this bit out yourself. Ill post some videos of ground and pound sparring when i get a chance.

See you next time.

this is what you get if you type hotness into google

James was successful in his mission to become the Cage Gladiators Bantamweight Champion. I feel that James has yet to find his level yet and since he has just dismantled 3 of the UK’s top bantamweights in less than a round each thats pretty scary.

This win rounds out a great month for us in which we went, 17-4 in overall results. Looks like all the hard work is paying off.

Here is a pick of the chick from drag me to hell to celebrate me not shitting my pants (fully a little bit may have escaped) in the cinema watching the movie.

I’m currently writing this blog post as I travel down to Liverpool with an emaciated angry James “Disco” Doolan. Dj jimmy D is fighting for the cage gladiators bantamweight title on Saturday. It’s gonna rock.

As I’m using the I phones wordpress app I have no idea how to post pics but if I can find a hot chick in Liverpool willing to take here clothes off I can upload that, here’s hoping we get a result.

1. Was in Sweden at superior challenge last weekend. This was the best mma event I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with. We were feed, looked after given free shit and given Swedish girls just like in enter the dragon. Ok that didn’t happen but everyone was nice even if they weren’t hookers.

2. I got the chance to check out some future opponents at bantam. This was cool as I got to see how they reacted to the pressure of fighting, what they did in fights and work out some strategies to deal with their strong suits.

I have a tendency to overestimate opponents. It was good to see that these guys are human and smaller than me BEEFCAKE.

3. It’s good to be back lifting weights. I had a week of after my fight and hadn’t lifted 10 days prior to that. I decided to be stupid and immediatly work on my maximal strength development.

The high intensity work and slow eccentric stuff I have been doing has left me walking like I have fallen asleep nake, with my ass in the air in a room with bam bam.

It’s all good though my numbers haven’t dropped to much and I’m enjoying playing with some new exercises like rack pulls, pull throughs and different row variations.

4. Although maximal strength is probably the base of developing superior athletes, we must not forget about developing power.

We are involved in asport were power and power endurance is critical. The ability to be explosive for 3 5min rounds is the final aim for all of us.

When competition time is close we bump up the amount of medball throws, jump training, and speed lifts to train for this while doing enough to maintain the maximal strength we have previously built up.

5. Why can I not tell the difference between blue and duck egg blue? Why does looking at sofas not excite me to the core? Why do interior design magazines make me want to rip out my own larynx. Oh yeah that’s right Im not a gay dude, could somebody please tell my girlfriend. Honestly youd think she’d relise what with all the shit I try to pull on her. Thanks for your help.

Ok I have no pics of hot chicks today but here’s a pic of my new to and mark Connor prior to weigh in, you’d never guess he doesn’t have a drug problem

Now I am  not one to blow my own trumpet…… but

On May 23rd I was fortunate enough to win in a bout versus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt Marcelo Costa. What really marked this bout out for me was that its the first time i had developed a game plan and worked aspects of it in my training camp.

Marcelo’s Strengths

From checking out Marcelo’s bouts I knew he had wicked jiu jitsu, he was a strong wrestler, favouring single legs and explosive pick ups. He also demonstrated his KO power in a previous bout against Musse Hasselvall and he is freaking enormous. I thought i was pretty big at bantam but he dwarfed me like a child.

So he was a jiu jitsu machine with great wrestling and KO power who is much bigger than me……ah fuck.

The Game plan

My plan involved several factors. With regards to striking, i felt that i had the better striking and would use my jab and head movement to set up the right hand and follow it into a clinch position. I have some pretty decent freestyle takedowns but because my opponent has arms like mr tickle i didnt fancy diving into a guillotine or barabo, so we opted for a lot of clinch wrestling.

The other purpose of this sort of game plan is that if you arent used to it, it will knacker you out. The main position we were looking for in the clinch is the pinch headlock. I had spent ages in training camp hitting this and using it for striking and take downs.

Because my opponent shot in a lot i wanted to work the right hand to the body to make it harder for him to get underneath it for the clinch.

If i was on top the aim was too follow hips, clear attachments and throw lots of short elbows. My best ground and pound position is standing over an opponent but having seen my opponent use a lot of leg locks in Jiu jitsu matches i decided to play it safe and keep to stage 1 and stage 2 ground and pound.

In bottom positions I preferred to be in half guard. I feel I have more options there and can better limit the damage I take. from this position I have the option of sweeps, submissions and stand ups.

On another more strategy oriiented note. If I was taken down in a round and the fight ended up on the feet again I would set up a take down of my own to make sure takedowns where even for the judges benefit.

The Fight Round 1

In the first round we were hoping to get him tired as he had a horrendous weight cut. The first round started off with me using a lot of foot work to prevent him taking an open shoot. I relised he wasnt moving his head and his hands were low so I said bollox to the setting up the right hand and decided to lead with it. However im not roy jones jr and as a result I need a few more punches to hurt someone usually. First mistake not throwing combinations.

Marcelo fluries his way into a clinch, hes throwing big ass hooks from his hips and because hes technically attacking me wrong i get confused and let him hit a single leg. The rounds of defending singles and doubles pay off and when he initiates the takedown I reverse it.

From half guard top in keeping with the get him knackered game plan I decide to crush him. I am still wary of his jits and try to keep him from getting any space while landing strikes.

I could have been more active but hes now tired and I am fresh as a daisy chain.

Round 2

Having disregarded the sensible and correct advice of my corner I again try leading with the right hand with no set up. But to change things up i start throwing it to the body. My opponent looks like hes going to poo so i throw it again and again and again, my creative thinking was a bit impaired for this bout.

After another failed single leg attempt we end up in a clinch and i end up in top guard after a guard pull. From here its all follow hips and throw elbows. I like to tie of opponent arms so they cant defend the Hellbows of doom, mainly because I am a dick.

Marcelo does a good job of tying me up with his long arms and eventually we are restarted, I land some stuff and my opponent goes spassy throwing wide hooks. In my weird logic I started to think “cool thats gonna get him even more tired”. The try and hit me is a great strategy I used on Taz McCombe in our bout last year, but that was a 5 round fight. Need to stop utilizing it in 3 round fights. The highlight for me is my first combination that ends with a decent right hand and a knee to the head.

I can see that he is breathing hard so i decide to throw some more body shots and follow it up with the 100% headkick of little or no effect, 1 per fight gentlemen.

I also manage to hit the pinch headlock but after one knee i get caught with another guard pool. Nice little elbow flurry to finish the round.

Round 3

Hes pretty knackered now and I get some major pop for grandstanding between rounds. I throw the spssy left high and get taken down, what was Doolans advise before the bout? “Dont throw any fucking kicks, not even the spassy left high ok……please?” so theres another fuck up.

I pull halfguard and chillax, i know the impetus is on him to do something and when he does im planning on pulling of some awesome half guard shit, but he doesnt do anything and we are stood up. I noticed a few times that i got the position to hit the love machines shoalin kimura series. I also noted that id never done it before and decided to ere on the side of caution. I got him to teach me it on monday though.

My second combination OF THE ENTIRE FIGHT!!!!! ends up with a sweet double leg. Matching takedowns baby im making it easy for the judges.

Marcelo spins for what i thing is an armbar or triangle and posture up but hes looking for the kneebar i defend well. But as he spins again i posture up again and get caught with the same shit. He trys to lock up a toe hold but gives me my own I check the time with my corner and abandon it and try to get on top.

Neither of us were even close and by this stage i was perfectly willing to lose a foot for the win. Instead i scrambled out got half guard and the fight was over.

It was pretty weird i hadn’t felt any real fatigue during the fight but upon hearing the final bell and realizing I had won, I was immediately fucked. Cant really explain it but wanted to drop the vombomb there and then.

Some stuff was good some was bad, all in a good performance and learning experience against a very dangerous opponent.

Heres a request to balance the force since you have been looking at two half naked guys wrestle for 15 minutes