Absolute Combat- The gameplan and where I fecked it up.

June 4, 2009

Now I am  not one to blow my own trumpet…… but

On May 23rd I was fortunate enough to win in a bout versus Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black belt Marcelo Costa. What really marked this bout out for me was that its the first time i had developed a game plan and worked aspects of it in my training camp.

Marcelo’s Strengths

From checking out Marcelo’s bouts I knew he had wicked jiu jitsu, he was a strong wrestler, favouring single legs and explosive pick ups. He also demonstrated his KO power in a previous bout against Musse Hasselvall and he is freaking enormous. I thought i was pretty big at bantam but he dwarfed me like a child.

So he was a jiu jitsu machine with great wrestling and KO power who is much bigger than me……ah fuck.

The Game plan

My plan involved several factors. With regards to striking, i felt that i had the better striking and would use my jab and head movement to set up the right hand and follow it into a clinch position. I have some pretty decent freestyle takedowns but because my opponent has arms like mr tickle i didnt fancy diving into a guillotine or barabo, so we opted for a lot of clinch wrestling.

The other purpose of this sort of game plan is that if you arent used to it, it will knacker you out. The main position we were looking for in the clinch is the pinch headlock. I had spent ages in training camp hitting this and using it for striking and take downs.

Because my opponent shot in a lot i wanted to work the right hand to the body to make it harder for him to get underneath it for the clinch.

If i was on top the aim was too follow hips, clear attachments and throw lots of short elbows. My best ground and pound position is standing over an opponent but having seen my opponent use a lot of leg locks in Jiu jitsu matches i decided to play it safe and keep to stage 1 and stage 2 ground and pound.

In bottom positions I preferred to be in half guard. I feel I have more options there and can better limit the damage I take. from this position I have the option of sweeps, submissions and stand ups.

On another more strategy oriiented note. If I was taken down in a round and the fight ended up on the feet again I would set up a take down of my own to make sure takedowns where even for the judges benefit.

The Fight Round 1

In the first round we were hoping to get him tired as he had a horrendous weight cut. The first round started off with me using a lot of foot work to prevent him taking an open shoot. I relised he wasnt moving his head and his hands were low so I said bollox to the setting up the right hand and decided to lead with it. However im not roy jones jr and as a result I need a few more punches to hurt someone usually. First mistake not throwing combinations.

Marcelo fluries his way into a clinch, hes throwing big ass hooks from his hips and because hes technically attacking me wrong i get confused and let him hit a single leg. The rounds of defending singles and doubles pay off and when he initiates the takedown I reverse it.

From half guard top in keeping with the get him knackered game plan I decide to crush him. I am still wary of his jits and try to keep him from getting any space while landing strikes.

I could have been more active but hes now tired and I am fresh as a daisy chain.

Round 2

Having disregarded the sensible and correct advice of my corner I again try leading with the right hand with no set up. But to change things up i start throwing it to the body. My opponent looks like hes going to poo so i throw it again and again and again, my creative thinking was a bit impaired for this bout.

After another failed single leg attempt we end up in a clinch and i end up in top guard after a guard pull. From here its all follow hips and throw elbows. I like to tie of opponent arms so they cant defend the Hellbows of doom, mainly because I am a dick.

Marcelo does a good job of tying me up with his long arms and eventually we are restarted, I land some stuff and my opponent goes spassy throwing wide hooks. In my weird logic I started to think “cool thats gonna get him even more tired”. The try and hit me is a great strategy I used on Taz McCombe in our bout last year, but that was a 5 round fight. Need to stop utilizing it in 3 round fights. The highlight for me is my first combination that ends with a decent right hand and a knee to the head.

I can see that he is breathing hard so i decide to throw some more body shots and follow it up with the 100% headkick of little or no effect, 1 per fight gentlemen.

I also manage to hit the pinch headlock but after one knee i get caught with another guard pool. Nice little elbow flurry to finish the round.

Round 3

Hes pretty knackered now and I get some major pop for grandstanding between rounds. I throw the spssy left high and get taken down, what was Doolans advise before the bout? “Dont throw any fucking kicks, not even the spassy left high ok……please?” so theres another fuck up.

I pull halfguard and chillax, i know the impetus is on him to do something and when he does im planning on pulling of some awesome half guard shit, but he doesnt do anything and we are stood up. I noticed a few times that i got the position to hit the love machines shoalin kimura series. I also noted that id never done it before and decided to ere on the side of caution. I got him to teach me it on monday though.

My second combination OF THE ENTIRE FIGHT!!!!! ends up with a sweet double leg. Matching takedowns baby im making it easy for the judges.

Marcelo spins for what i thing is an armbar or triangle and posture up but hes looking for the kneebar i defend well. But as he spins again i posture up again and get caught with the same shit. He trys to lock up a toe hold but gives me my own I check the time with my corner and abandon it and try to get on top.

Neither of us were even close and by this stage i was perfectly willing to lose a foot for the win. Instead i scrambled out got half guard and the fight was over.

It was pretty weird i hadn’t felt any real fatigue during the fight but upon hearing the final bell and realizing I had won, I was immediately fucked. Cant really explain it but wanted to drop the vombomb there and then.

Some stuff was good some was bad, all in a good performance and learning experience against a very dangerous opponent.

Heres a request to balance the force since you have been looking at two half naked guys wrestle for 15 minutes


4 Responses to “Absolute Combat- The gameplan and where I fecked it up.”

  1. I love Avril.

    I could so batter the boy from Sum 41 that she’s married to. He does like Iron Maiden though so I’ll let him off.

    Just need to settle for Lauren Harris (Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris’ daughter)

    Sorry this comment hasn’t congratulated on your win and new found ability to handle your booze. In fact I’m more impressed with your new booze handling ability than another win over a BJJ blackbelt.

    Parabens my fren, OSSSSSSSS!

  2. jamio mac said

    love machines shoalin kimura

    1. it sounds cool
    2. show me it sometime

  3. piratebrido said

    Fight you for her Lovey!

  4. Lauren Harris is a hotty!

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