Random Friday Musings 05/06/09

June 5, 2009

I’m currently writing this blog post as I travel down to Liverpool with an emaciated angry James “Disco” Doolan. Dj jimmy D is fighting for the cage gladiators bantamweight title on Saturday. It’s gonna rock.

As I’m using the I phones wordpress app I have no idea how to post pics but if I can find a hot chick in Liverpool willing to take here clothes off I can upload that, here’s hoping we get a result.

1. Was in Sweden at superior challenge last weekend. This was the best mma event I’ve ever had the pleasure of being involved with. We were feed, looked after given free shit and given Swedish girls just like in enter the dragon. Ok that didn’t happen but everyone was nice even if they weren’t hookers.

2. I got the chance to check out some future opponents at bantam. This was cool as I got to see how they reacted to the pressure of fighting, what they did in fights and work out some strategies to deal with their strong suits.

I have a tendency to overestimate opponents. It was good to see that these guys are human and smaller than me BEEFCAKE.

3. It’s good to be back lifting weights. I had a week of after my fight and hadn’t lifted 10 days prior to that. I decided to be stupid and immediatly work on my maximal strength development.

The high intensity work and slow eccentric stuff I have been doing has left me walking like I have fallen asleep nake, with my ass in the air in a room with bam bam.

It’s all good though my numbers haven’t dropped to much and I’m enjoying playing with some new exercises like rack pulls, pull throughs and different row variations.

4. Although maximal strength is probably the base of developing superior athletes, we must not forget about developing power.

We are involved in asport were power and power endurance is critical. The ability to be explosive for 3 5min rounds is the final aim for all of us.

When competition time is close we bump up the amount of medball throws, jump training, and speed lifts to train for this while doing enough to maintain the maximal strength we have previously built up.

5. Why can I not tell the difference between blue and duck egg blue? Why does looking at sofas not excite me to the core? Why do interior design magazines make me want to rip out my own larynx. Oh yeah that’s right Im not a gay dude, could somebody please tell my girlfriend. Honestly youd think she’d relise what with all the shit I try to pull on her. Thanks for your help.

Ok I have no pics of hot chicks today but here’s a pic of my new to and mark Connor prior to weigh in, you’d never guess he doesn’t have a drug problem


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