Random Friday Musings 19/6/09

June 18, 2009

Sorry for not posting last week, but I hope to make it up too you by staying on top of the Making Sense of Ground and Pound Articles. This series is the product of years of jiu jitsu and mma sparring as well as studying the great ground and pound guys in our sport to an almost stalker level. I hope you dig it.

1. The future is here,

I spent most of last weekend watching XARM videos on youtube. I really dont know what to say about it. On one hand I kinda see their pursuit for mainstream acceptance as being simalar to the one undertaken by mma enthusasts a few years back. On the other hand i found it impossible  not laugh my ass of and dance around like an excited monkey. THEY FRIGGIN TIE THERE HANDS TOGETHER AND TELL THEM TO GO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER. Jebus I think I killed my spleen laughing.

2. If that hilarity wasnt enough I have found my new favourite website.

Texts from Last Night

The tag line is “Remember that text you shouldnt have sent last night? We do” heres some of my favourites,

  • (484): he refuses to go down on me anymore when he’s high because he thinks my clit piercing stares at him
  • (512): If I see one more duchette wearing Ed Hardy, but not actually having a real tattoo. I swear Im gonna shank a bitch.
  • (210): I just want to hang out with her.
    (916): You’re a liar. Why do I have to give you reasons you can’t have sex with my mom? I hate you.
  • (216): Where the fuck is Rob at, he hasnt answered his phone in like 2 weeks.
    (440): Dude Rob died 2 weeks ago wtf?
    (216): Holy shit r u serious? How?
    (440): Just kidding, but im pretty sure he boned your gf and doesnt want to talk to you.

3. Well it appears that my inane blogging and cak talking has got me somewhere after all, it looks like im writing for Fighters Only for a few months. Its ubercool and im enjoying it, the next article should get people talking, its on Myths and Misconceptions in MMA Strength and Conditioning. Part of it deals with snorkel and gas mask training.

4. I have noticed a lot of the guys who train jiu jitsu and muay thai at the Griphouse have trouble with achieveing proper squat depth when the start strength and conditioning work with us.

What this usually meant was that I would have to spend a bit of time doing specific foam rolling, working on ankle and hip mobility drills while I got them started on basic split squat variations. This all took up valuable S and C time.

My solution has been to address the squat in our class warm ups. We already do a tonne of lunge variations to address hip mobility but the addition of Gray Cooks “cook squat” has been great for improving the squat technique of our athletes coming to lift weights.

I didnt have time to do a video today so Ill post it up tomorrow.

Conclusion is that if you have problems with a specific movement pattern addressing it for a couple of weeks in your warm ups is a great way to clean things up. We have used a simalar plan to address the single leg deadlift in the past.

Squat girls leg cannons are immense

Squat girls leg cannons are immense

5. Another new addition to our warm ups has been the hip external rotator stretch.

Playing guard places your hips in an flexed,abducted and externally rotated position. Spending prolonged periods like this can jack your hips up. Jiu jitsu guys tend to have great external rotation but crappy internal rotation.This is something I have seen a lot in our own guys.

This deficiet in internal/external rotation can lead to problems including lower back pain. Hopefully the addition of this new static stretch will help us get to the 40 degrees of internal rotation we are looking for.

5. And finally I am competing again in August, its nice to be busy. Its cool to be fighting in my home town especially when ill be fighting the best guys in Europe. Yes that right, i said guys its an 4 man tournament. Never fought in a tournament and it raises some interesting problems. Should be a good learning experience as well as another opportunity to kick off and not get arrested.

Double hotness today



6 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 19/6/09”

  1. Nice to see you calling Glasgow your home town but we´ve had a vote and decided we dont want you you Irish prick!

  2. Oleg said

    That X-ARM stuff is priceless! Laughed my ass off. thanks!

  3. aye we dont want you. fake weigie mother fucker.ive never seen you drink irn bru, you have no crimial record, you dont even call a coo a coo, fucking cow, whats that.?

    • maccavelli said

      Fuck you two, Ive been living in Glasgow for almost 8 years. Doolan has made me stand up and sing the Scottish national anthem at every one of DAJ’s shows and I think the proclaimers are a solid band. That has to make me at least Scirish

  4. piratebrido said

    I don’t know who to trust anymore.

  5. he does know the words to the national anthem. thats one up on me.

    hows about you prove it by getting yourslef a tartan DAJ/LAMBO suit

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