Following up on promises shocker

June 23, 2009

So i mentioned id throw up a video of the cook squat and here it is,

Ok so its the wrong way round and i forgot to open the shutter but you get the idea. This is our level 3 progression. Initially we don’t do the over head reach and focus solely on hip mobility, then we alternate arms over head for level 2 and finally we have what you see above.

And while I Am here, did anyone know Allan Love used to be a pro wrestler called Evan the punisher Lowe.

I am eternally surprised that our gym is busy with this sort of activity occurring daily.

After checking out Transformers in the Imax Tamer demanded a Megan Fox pic today so….

2hrs 30 minutes of shizz getting blown up and Megan Fox running in slo mo, it worked for me.


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