Random Saturday Musings 27/06/09

June 27, 2009

1. Well I would like to say I had an excuse for not updating the blog yesterday but the truth is I was having too much fun. You see we managed to get our hands on a rather powerful bow and about 40 arrows.

The music was inspirational.

2. It seems that the more I learn about all the stuff I am into these days the more basic it becomes. With Jiu jitsu I am constantly telling guys to

1. keep their elbows in,

2. move their arses/hips and

3. Don’t get crossfaced.

With regards to strength and conditioning my answer seems to be constantly GET STRONGER in response to most of the questions I get.

“How do I get better at mma/jits/thai?”

Ok your already really good have you thought about GETTING STRONGER?

“How do I get massive guns”

First of all only gay men like giant biceps, and if you GOT STRONGER youd probably get some decent sized pipes out of it. *I go off and lament my puny arm cannons*

“How do I lose weight?”

Eay healthy stuff and GET STRONGER.

“How do I get that hot polish chick who got undressed in the guys changing room last wednesday to notice me?”

I cant believe I missed that, oh and get stronger Polish chicks dig 200kg deadlifts, FACT.

“I want to have more power, you know hit shit harder and double leg people through walls”

Well power is a factor of the amount of load you can move and the time it takes you to do it, so GETTING STRONGER should potentially make you more powerful (i thought bolding GETTING STRONGER would be a cool to make a point but now wordpress is fucking with me and wont let me unbold stuff so here we have it.)

I think it was last week I spoke about the importance of power and the rate of force development. I use this blog to brain fart a lot so I hope it doesn’t sound like a contradiction. To clarify once a certain degree of strength is achieved the rate of force development becomes more important.

Does is really make any difference in mma performance if you increase the weight you can squat from 250kg to 275kg? (cool fixed it).

3. So how strong is strong enough? For some figures i pulled up an old article by Mike Boyle

The following is what constitutes “strong” in some basic exercises for drug-free adult males according to Mike.

Bench press: 1.25 to 1.5 x bodyweight

Clean: 1.25 to 1.5 x bodyweight

Front squat: 1.5 to 1.75 x bodyweight

One-leg squat: 0.5 x bodyweight for 5 reps

Chin-up: 0.5 x bodyweight for a single rep

If you are hitting these sorts of number it might be time to start working on some speed variations, med ball throws and plyometrics.

4. Most people lack the ankle and hip mobility to do bilateral barbell lifts like squats and deadlifts properly. This is really annoying but can be fixed quite quickly with some foam rolling, static stretching and dynamic flexibility drills in most cases.

5. Heres a lady I found kicking about when i was searching for wrestling videos from the bejing olympics.

hot chick with a pole

hot chick with a pole

Im being lazy and not looking for smut I apologise.

More stuff next week if i dont die in some archery inspired madness.


5 Responses to “Random Saturday Musings 27/06/09”

  1. Oleg said

    so the question begs asking- “how do i get stronger?”

  2. hurricane15482 said

    i’m all about getting stronger just now….well off from boyle’s recommendations though 😦

    awesome chick btw

  3. according to boyles numbers im fine, numbers wise on all bar the fecking bench press. Im sure old Mike wasnt taking dudes with long monkey arms when he put together those guide lines/norms for strength testing.

  4. Hot polish chick was getting changed in the guys? And I missed it? She should be included in your blog, she’s like Tara Reid before Coke made her less hot.

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