Random Friday Musings 3/07/09

July 3, 2009

Its been another good week of training and misadventure.

1. Our guys went 3-0 at the Viper Fight show on Sunday. Wins for Andy “No Fear, War Machine, Shock and Awe, Big Eyeball tattoo on his heid” Hilhouse, Kimbo and Afterburner. Graham “Afterburner” Turner was great in his bout against the very talented Bobby McVitie utilizing a great Stage 2 Ground and pound game for the stoppage.

Being molested by Graham was really helpful in the development of our ground and pound stuff as he did a lot of this stuff naturally, article demonstrating stage 2 to follow on Tuesday (maybe).

2. Ive finished my maximal strength development phase and I am now starting my inseason resistance training. By inseason I mean the resistance training I do in the lead up to a fight. My aims here are to maintainthe strength developed earlier and hopefully transfer that into an improved rate of force development.

I switch from 4 days of weight training to 2 days of weights and utilise the contrast method. This is were you combine a lift with an simalar explosive movement, eg. Bench press to med ball chest pass.

This has worked out well for me and a lot of others in the past and still leaves me able to train at a high intensity during technical training and sparring.

3. On Tuesday I was in Hampden Stadium  with several thousand Drunken Glaswegians watching AC DC. Now despite these boys being old as shit and Angus Young looking a bit like Mo Mowlam/Golem we had an awesome night.

Lots of Rock, sweaty middle aged men, people being bald and having long hair at the sametime, 1 pair of boobs on the big screen and a girl peeing in street all made for a pretty special night.

4. On Wednesday we had Rodrigo Medeiros at the gym teaching a class. If I ever come close to his level of coaching ability i will be mad pleased. Everything he covered was high percentage and even the stuff i thought I knew pretty well was given a few tweaks. The guys a pimp.

5. Im off to see Walking with Dinosaurs this weekend, I know… I am 12, dont care its gonna be awesome.

Maeve chose this one as I put up pics of skanks apparently.


5 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 3/07/09”

  1. markjitsu said

    wow – good choice!

  2. brickney spears said

    and she’s not a skank how?

  3. marc said

    Do you still use the contrast method for pre-fight training? I looked into it a while back but couldn’t find much research into it, got any links?

    • maccavelli said

      Yeah it’s pretty much our main in season deal. If your looking for more info try looking under complex training. It’s another name for it.

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