Random Saturday Musings 11/07/09

July 11, 2009

1. Ive been a busy little book worm this week managed to get through Practical Programming by Mark Rippentoe, Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Got fight by Forrest Griffin and I have started Pygmy by Chuck Palahniuk. Here is a one sentence review of each.

Practical Programming- was good, i like for the most part.

Outliers- to be successful be smart enough, work really hard, be fortunate and be Chinese. Really interesting study on how the self made man idea is baws

Got Fight- Forrest Griffin has made the book i always wanted to make, he mentions his penis, fighting and Chuck Norris its immense.

Pygmy- murderous foreign midget operative invades America posing as a foreign exchange student, possessing awesome violence skills and an unhealthy obsession with sodomy. Good book.

2. This made me pee my pants, literally i had a momentary loss of self control, it amazing cause Natalie Portman seems so sweet and nice. Who would have thought she was a bad ass.

3. Been training hard this week but I haven’t been eating well or implementing recovery strategies consistently. Result i am a frigging mess, you only realize what things like foam rolling and EQI’s are doing for you when you lay off them for a while.

4. Good luck to all the guys competing today, cant wait to see what Neil does.

Bricks request today

he likes old chicks


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