Random Sunday Musings 19/07/09

July 19, 2009

1. First up huge congrats to all of the guys who competed at the Hostile Territory Fight Night in Alloa. 6-1 is a freaking awesome result and is a testament to the hard training and all the work put in by our athletes.

Oh and your coaches are pretty smart too.

2. I spent most of this week down at Manchester training with Karl Tanswell and his guys. I had a great time and Karl clearly knows way too much stuff about mma.

I think what makes him unique is that he was the ability to create techniques and systems that most people dont consider with regards mma. His stuff really blurs the lines between striking, wrestling and jiu jitsu. I myself have never had a single original idea in my life so I really appreciate getting to workout with guys like this.

I think you will be seeing some hella wondorous stuff from Karls guys in the future.

3. To round out my week of club whoring I headed down to Sor Thanikul to check out a Crezio De Souza Seminar. This almost didnt happen but after numerous texts and threats Martin agreed to take the hit and drive us down. Really enjoyed it. It was great to add some new things to my game but in paticular it was cool to experience crushing violent pressure from top game from the man himself.

I think a lot of us ease off on this while drilling and sparring as we are being nice but balls to that no one likes me at my gym anyway so you fuckers are getting matt smeared by 70kg of fury on Monday.

3. I really hate feet they make very little sense to me.

4. Myself, Jimmy Chang and Excitement Myn Dyn have been experimenting with our pad rounds recently and have been implementing some more mma techniques as opposed to straight boxing and thai. Many of you guys already do this but for me its relatively new.

While using the coach spar mitts your pad holder can call combination’s shots, clinch stuff and at any moment the fucker will shoot on you preferably when your in the middle of a combo. When we did this the result was everyone was knackered, pad holder, pad hitter people watching. Ill post a video up when it starts to look less like a cluster fuck.

5. Its only a few weeks till Glasgows biggest mma production, in Braehead arena. The fight card is bitching, check it out here http://eurofightxtremefc.com/

6. One of the things I am thinking is that maybe the key to being a great mma coach isnt your technical proficiency. I am sure this helps but I think guys like Greg Jackson might be as respected as they are due to their organizational skills and there ability to get their fighters too the people that can improve them. When you are successful you attaract the people with the skills you want to impart.

Theres a confidence built within a fighter when he knows what he is to be doing every week and day up until the fight. The coachs job is to analyse the opponent and ensure the fighter has improved since their last bout in a way that will be of benefit them in the upcoming fight. Simples right.

Admittedly im an organisational mess most of the time but ill work on it.

As a coach you have to be Like a Boss

Although I do advise against chopping your own balls off.

8. She is probably my favourite thus far, peace.

Suicide girls rawk

Suicide girls rawk


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