Guess who is back….

September 3, 2009

…. well its me innit?

Sorry for the delay but the whole moving house, not having broadband, completing Fallout 3 twice (once as a nice guy and then as a total fucker), Batman Arkham Asylum and general stuff that has to be done to get the powers that be to give me the aforementioned house got in the way of this blog.

I was NOT jacking off while covered in my own faeces while crying and beating my face with a brick as Mainsy has suggested.

There has been some opposition to this wonderful resource of late. Here is what the Reverend Jimmy Turbo Doolan had to say

He accidentally let me into his plan, the messages in his magazine articles are all part of the mad bastards scheme for world domination.

readers of fighters only magazine beware, if for some reason you find yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror in the dead of night, stretched out foreskin in one hand, kitchen knife in the other, thinking it’s ok I’ll chop it off, post it up to Paul and my place on his space ship leaving earth on judgement day is secure..don’t do it, and stop reading McVeigh’s articles so much

His accusations are just absurd enough to be quite convincing. Worry not for I am not an extraterresterial messiah piloting a noah ark type vessel which can only be powered by foreskins.

In other news im fighting along with all my mates on a mega show at braehead arena. Eurofight Extreme is set to be Glasgows first gigantor show the card is bitching and im glad to be a part of it.

My opponent isĀ  dude called Chris David, real dangerous and experienced and freaking mental.

We did a reply video it was entirely to serious and respectful so we went for the opposite end of the spectrum and dabbled with strangeness.

I still have no idea why I was on a giant man’s shoulders, it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.

I am getting a lot of chat from people asking about our program design and stuff and ill start posting some things up and get more video on the site. But for now heres some…..

And because I love you, all of you but you especially…..

I seem to like tattoos at the minute anyhoo see ya tomorrows for some useful stuff BRATTTT!