Losing Fights Blows Goats

November 4, 2009

I have always said that I dont like fighting, I like winning fights. This can be taking a number of ways but what im personally trying to convey with this is how much I frigging hate losing.

Its not just fights. does anyone remember the gym bowling trip where Meat beat me and I threw an otherwordly strop? Or anytime I play Guitar hero with a newbie and they feck it up?

So anyways I just lost a split decision to US fighter Chris David. It was an interesting fight he is a great wrestler and his ground and pound and control against the cage is world class. I did some cool stuff and some retarded shit that im still getting heat for 3 weeks later. All in a good experience although it did take me about 2 weeks of daily carbacide before i started seeing the positives.

Turns out Chris is a super cool guy  we hung out for a couple of days after the fight and had some adventures mostly involving alcohol, Scottish Cuisine and a healthy dose of sexual harassment.

The Good

  • First up I am like super fit come fight night, i think i really have got a handle on fight conditioning and it seems to me to be a pretty simple equation.Tonnes of sparring + being comfortable in every range + a little turbo hard conditioning= Good to go come fight night.Despite losing, the cardio wasnt an issue.
  • Ive gotten pretty good at using the cage to get up to my feet, i think i did it like a million times in that fight…yep definetly close to a million. Problem being that means i got taken down like a million times Baws!
  • Managed a few takedowns when i was trying to even things up on the scorecards against a great wrestler, cheers Kieran.
  • And from the second round on I defended the takedown pretty well, Just forgot to even attempt defending them in the first. Oh and those big triangle advertising blocks at the bottom of the cage are total c units when defending the takedown.
  • Defended the ground pound well and kept moving my hips and standing up a lot.

The Bad

  • I forget to throw combinations or work my footwork properly. Relied too much on single shots. Didnt set anything up.
  • Takedown defense in the first was attrocious.
  • Entire first rd was shit only really started fighting from the 2nd.
  • Backed up straight when he was coming forward
  • Forgot to dig underhooks on a couple of the stand ups

The Horrendously Ugly

  • I fell of his back in the last 90 seconds, scrambled like a mofo to get back up to where i could do stuff and ended up with a Chris David on my back, ultimately losing the fight in the last 90 seconds all because of a white belt mistake.
  • Pulled the worlds worst guillotine.
  • Pulled the worlds worst lateral drop.

So theres a brief summary of what I did and what I learned. I think the Jiu jitsu might need to go on the backburner for a bit while i get my striking and wrestling up. But as always learn from the mistakes, take heart in the positives and never stop analysing your game.

Oh and cheers to everyone that helped get me ready for the biggest fight of my career.

Congrats to all the guys who competed on Eurofight Extreme. We all had tough international opponents and we showcased Scottish (or in my case Scirish) mma as a force.

In recognition of Rev Doolan’s head kick KO heres some thai girls




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