Random Friday Musings 6/10/09

November 6, 2009

My favourite part of the blog is back. This is pretty much where I go on an egocentric rant and tell you all about my days and random thoughts. Do not fret however as I will post up blog bird at the end.

1. On Wed I sat down to what i thought would be some relaxing man time. I had just made myself an awesome vension Steak Ciabatta Sandwich, had a nice mug of tea and was watching guys assault easy other on TV.

Then the world got shitty while eating this Gourmet sandwich i managed to break one of my wisdom teeth…. on freaking bread. I then went on to ignore the searing pain in my head, tried to fix it, adopted positions that made it hurt less before finally drowned the fractured tooth in tequilla, It worked well and 24hrs later I have a fixed grill.

2. After getting the tooth fixed i was told to not do any contact stuff for a bit, but we had “wear a singlet night” at wrestling and no way am I missing that. It was ace, there is something liberating about your opponent being able to estimate the exact size and direction of your junk via vaccumformed lycra. I tried to get someone to take a picture but it was felt that the gayness would have destroyed in photographic equipment.

3. New Favourite band Girl Talk

4. Im not one to rip on a paticular form of training like crossfit. If anything gets people moving im for it. My stance on it is its not optimal for athletes looking to develop strength and power and Coach Glassman is a wacky bastard. But having done a lot of crossfit stuff in the past and hanging out with guys who love it, this video is amazing.

“Im like a godddam navy seal, an olympic gold medalist wrapped in a suit of fucking body armour. Im fucking Elite”

Heres another one about squatting

5. The Griphouse Gyms weightlifting program is in full swing and should be producing some good results. Is it optimal for athletic development, nah probably not. Is it better than getting stabbed in the pancreas, takes only 20  mins 3 times a week and the guys will actually do it, hell yeah.

Sometimes being a strength coach isnt about finding the optmium sometimes it is about finding the most practical. Those awesomely programmed and periodised 2 hr workouts werent getting done by guys who worked all day then wanted to do 2-3hrs of skill training. Ill post it up here next time.

6. I like girls i like the idea of guns….this’ll work trust me

And vicki blows too for the hell of it


3 Responses to “Random Friday Musings 6/10/09”

  1. Oleg said

    Just wondering, why do you say that Cross-Fit isn’t optimal for developing strength and power?

    • maccavelli said

      Think thats what my next article in fighters only is about.

      • Oleg said

        are your articles available online? i’ve moved back to the US, so have no access to the mag. did a search for your name, but no articles authored by you came up….

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