Reading list and musical inspiration

November 12, 2009

I am one of those curious people who seems to multi task (read procrastinate) like I had a fully developed vagina. At any one time I’m usually Reading 3-4 books. Here’s a quick list of the books I’m Reading at the moment. This is also a quick experiment on using the iPhones wordpress app so bear with me

Currently Reading
Assess and correct manual- Mike Robertson, Eric Cressey and BIll Hartman

This came as a PDF download when I bought the A and C product. It’s a great resource for improving your assesment skills and correct any problems you find. A lot of the corrections I was aware of from their previous products but having it all in one place and in more detail is coolio.

Drop Dead Gorgeous- Wayne simmons

A high school friend made me aware of this one. If there’s one thing I like more than zombies it NOTHING. Zombies rock all. The fact that this paticular apocylypse is based in Belfast with all the sectarian undertones I have missed since moving to Glasgow (eh hang on a minute) and that only super stunning chicks are turning into zombies makes this a really fun read.

The greatest show on earth- Richard Dawkins

Sometimes I which I could adopt father figures. My ole man is cool and all but it would be nice if you could tell people “oh yeah well randy couture is my dad”. Dawkins is up there on that hallowed list that includes Richard Attenborugh, johnathon frakes and batman.

The book acts as a compelling evidence for the already compelling FACT of evolution. It covers everything from fossil records, to breeding control in plants and animals, to the so called missing links (there are tonnes of them) and much more irrefutable evidence supporting the theory.

The fact that 40% of people in the US and a growing number in Europe are sceptical of this theory would be hilarious if it wasn’t so frigging tragic

Music I’m listening too.

On the eve of war-Jedi Mind Tricks and the RZA

Ace song improves boxing footwork 27% factoid

New album-Biffy clyro
Ever listened to the lyrics of a biffy song, proper madness nonsense, great tunage though.

Abagail- King Diamond
Can only listen to about 3 king diamond tracks before I want to staple my scroat to a chair due to his high pitched warbling. But for those first two tracks I’m all over it.

So this app is a bit wank I can’t embed YouTube and it capitalises the world Reading. Good first try though see you tomorrow.


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