Random Sunday’s Musings 15/11/09

November 15, 2009

Its been a great week of training, watching fights, eating nandos and playing Modern Warfare 2. If I lived the rest of my life following this pattern I think I would be content.

1. How friggin good was Ross Pearson.  His bout with Aaron Riley was pretty much a masterclass in how to fight a southpaw. If you are fighting a lefty in the future I would study this bout and pick up some of the good stuff. Great technique, power and violence.

2. Just this weekend my copy of Mike Boyles Functional Strength Coach 3.0 arrived. As far as Strength and Conditioning goes I am a big Mike Boyle fan. I have not always agreed with 100% of his stuff but its always made me think. I have always appreciated his emphasis on logistics (the true limiting factor in strength and conditioning)

Im almost through the 8hours of DVD footage and I have picked up a lot of good stuff. One of the more contraversial topics was the elimination of bilateral squatting from athletic development programs.

He has his reasons and  instead of me repeating everything the video clip relating to this is here.

I dunno if I am 100% on this yet.

It all makes sense to me and to be honest my bilateral squat has always sucked. I can almost do the shift the same amount of weight in a Bulgarian Split Squat that I can move in a Front Squat which is weird.

It could be logistical problem for me. I hate having to many unilateral movements in a workout as it takes longer and the guys wont do it. Or it could be the fact that i have got years of programs with guys getting stronger Bilateral squatting. Or maybe im just a douche who cant let old ways go (surely im not old enough to be a grumpy fart).

I think a bit more experience in my part is needed before I throw it out just yet.

Then again a one legged squat with 100kilos of external load is pretty bad ass

3. I think its getting a bit old, what with me congratulating the guys everytime they win a bout. So I will just list the recent stuff over the last few months.

Ground Control

Scotty “the body” Ward wins middleweight advanced division. Also got the silver medal at the British No gi champs.

Thai Bouts

Jordan Calder, Mikey Wiseman, Jo jo (13-0 yeah), Lyn, Brian,


Quinny, Lovey, Doolan (Head kick like prophesised), Scotty Ward (Scottish title), Afterburner,

Jiu Jitsu Glasgow Open

9 gold medals, 2 silver

I have probably missed some guys out but its, your own fault for winning everything.

4. I freaking now love wrestling who would have thought it. Back on the good end of the learning curve, everyday seeing progress its ace. Singlets are bitching too. I want this one.

4. Hot Girls are hot….fact


the guys noticed logans wee finger on sat. I thought the were messing with me as i was all jacked up on Red bull and red food colouring. Turns out they were right



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