Randomness- In no way educational

November 16, 2009

Quick one while I am waiting for a southpark episode to load “Thats not Rasslin, this is rasslin”.

The wordpress site allow you to see what people have been googling when they have stumbled across this blog. Heres some of the fun ones…. and some of the creepy ones

  1. Drunk Girls throwing up: 28 people have found my blog looking for this.
  2. Rosi Sexton Ass: seems you have a niche market Rosi get your arse out and make some money on a pay per view site.
  3. Fit Chick in Singlet with big boobs: ok i can understand this one what with my love of boobs and singlets
  4. What the fuck man sloth: no idea
  5. paul mcveigh beat convincingly by chris david: fuck you whoever you are it was a split decision and I won the 2nd round.
  6. Immense Penis: rather strange
  7. Man Squatting Shitting: stranger still
  8. Fat girls shitting: come on seriously.

What this little experiment has shown me is that I am not the biggest sexual deviant in the world, who would have thought it. It seems there are many more individuals looking at sicker stuff than me. Humph may need to step my game up..

Heres a conversation I had with one of the DNFT’s best athletes Danny “Boomtime” Gray. What you havent heard of him? Well thats cause hes a mad waste of ability and doesnt compete as often as he should due to having a big sandy vagina.

Heres a pic so you can call him on this if you ever see him.

Anyway me and “One gear” had a text argument with regards to the randy cuture, vera fight heres how it went

DG. What decision did you not agree with?

ME: Couture, Vera

DG. That was a good decision

ME: Daniel your devils Advocacy is not appreciated. If you honestly feel that couture won that bout you should go eat a dick.

DG. Paul I am not winding you up. Randy won that fight. He definatley done more than vera to win. Vera didnt do enough to win.

ME. Other than dropping him with a body kick, getting the only takedown , mounting him and landing the only noteworthy strikes. Pressing a dude against the cage in an effort to not get killed is not being effective. You are being ridiculous . You should probably have a word with yourself.

DG. Ill have a word with you ya wee shite. I think he won. Its open to interpretation I suppose.

ME. No its not Machida vs Shogun was open to interpretation. That was a Vera being srewed.

DG. Naw it wasnay you prick.

ME. I already had a low opinion of you ya diddy but now its sunk lower. You cant score a fight, you have a wee beardy back and you got a kicking of Sean Wright aff the telly for smoking tabs like a smelly student.

DG. Am gonna fuck you up ya wee leprachaun. Those are some low blows you hit me with.

ME. What you gonna do hold me against a cage and hope the judges like you better?

DG. Nah I am gonna punch you in the nose.

ME. Like that will do shit I have a cauliflower face i look like a klingon and am thus immune to facial punching. I am off to bed Ill catch you later dude.

DG. See ya bro.

Admittedly this probably isnt funny if you dont know me or danny and have never witnessed the back and forth banter. I thought it was humourous and he still has a wee beardy back.

And speaking of beards

Here is olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

And again speaking of beardds and such as it movember and the entire gym (excluding those who puberty has betrayed i.e. me) is growing face fuzz its time for some techno from DJ Spirograph

My boy frakes would be so proud.


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