Random Friday musings and an apology to Logan

November 27, 2009

First of all I would like to begin by apologising to UFC Ring Girl Logan Stanton. In a previous blog post I made an observation about her little finger.  This got picked up by mma site Fightlinker.com which resulted in me getting several thousands hits for a few days.

Which is nice. This got a few comments off “oh thats rank” and other such coments. I can only speak for myself but if Logan ever spoke to me I’d probably crap my pants and runaway. This is my usually reaction to hot women my girlfriend has trained me well.

Now on to my thoughts for today.

1. I think smacking a bag around on the ground is a key component for developing powerful ground and pound. In boxing and Thai we are constantly firing full force shots into pads and bags and sometimes into people. Yet on the ground you tend to pull shots a bit more (smaller gloves and the ability to tie off arms) and holding focus pads on the ground is a great way to mangle your shoulders up.

That leaves us with the ground bag to develop power. But It doesnt really replicate a lot of positions appearing in mma. Adding a stability ball to the end is a great way to simulate hip drive and dropping your shots into the bag.

Ill edit the video in tonight.

2. Heres a hella fun workout tabata ninja jumps. As with everything its all about the progressions. I did about 9 weeks of low intensity plyos before coming up with this. If you rush it you could get hurt.

Again ill edit the video in tonight. Hows that for accountability im going to have to go do it now.

3. Absolute Combat is this weekend. Its almost cliche now but the guys have trained exceptionally well for this. Hard works done now for you all to go assualt someone and not even get arrested. Then we are off to the strippers YEEEEAAAAHH!

4. How cool is this?


One Response to “Random Friday musings and an apology to Logan”

  1. Hassan said

    Wheres the vids???

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