Random Wednesday Musings 02/12/09

December 2, 2009

1. Well this time management stuff has proven to be worth while in the past 3 days I have started and finished draft 1 of the griphouses bjj syllabus, speed read a book on speed reading, started going through mell siffs supertraining book again, listened to two audio books, kept my house tidy, prepared all my meals for cutting weight this week, wrote up a few resistance training programs watched Eric Cressys new product Assess and Correct and trained a skank load.

A couple of days ago that list would have went like this, played modern warfare 2 and trained a skank load.

This making a list and working from it deal is a brilliant idea, i always thought my girlfriend was anal as shit for doing that everyday. Turns out thats why she gets shit done and i am a mess.

Lets see how long it takes for someone to mention my use of the word anal in the last paragraph.

2. I know i promised you some video of cool stuff a few posts back. I have done it but you tube is being a douchebag and it wont upload properly. Bear with me and i will sort it out.

3. Did i mention that the guys went 8-0 at Absolute Combat? Yeah probably like 100 times to anyone that will listen. Turns out it gets better the Griphouse/DNFT/Caledonian Muay Thai team has a combined record of 12-1 for bouts that took place in the last 2 weeks. Great achievement for the all of us. Lets see if we can add a bunch more in the win column over the next two weeks to finish of the season.

Great pic by del at MMA Hit Pit

4. I just managed to check out Strength Coach Ollie Richardson’s Article in MMA unltd last month. This was great piece by a guy who is on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning in MMA. Its evident when his guys get into the cage they have the physical edge in competition.

The article outlined what physical qualities Ollie looks to develop in his athletes at different times within the training camp. He also dropped some knowledge on the state of the industry at the minute and spoke out about the cardio emphasis guys in the sport.

This article and the article in Fighters Only Issue 56 where the two best pieces I have seen with regards strength and conditioning in mma……like pretty much ever.

I reckon the dude needs to write a book and soon.

5. I know how to hit southpaws now….training for my next fight has gone well. Cannot wait to make a spectacle of myself in a cage with hardly any clothes on.

6. Funny but a bit rank

6. Congrats to lightweight competitor Andy Ogle for ending Allan “No” Love’s unbeaten run with an elbow TKO in the late hours of Sunday. Admittedly this was a booze fuelled carnage fest in an Edinburgh Goth Club but i think it should still go on both guys sherdog profiles.

7. And finally congrats to our boy Teen Titan not only did he manage to not get savagely assualted during the booze filled carnage fest mentioned above he ended up going home with two fine ladies for a night of debauchery. Hes only 18 and already a deviant I will endeavor to keep you updated on his progress.


3 Responses to “Random Wednesday Musings 02/12/09”

  1. piratebrido said

    Was the real joke here that you now so organised that you can post Friday Musings on a Wednesday?

  2. Dobbie said

    I laughed far too much at that myspace photo..


  3. Wallace said

    Tumbleweed blows passed!

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