I have just finished up another great article for Fighters Only. In that article I wrote about the importance of being able to cook interesting tasty food thats going to fuel your training, stop you getting fat and during a weight cut stop you killing people.

I get asked nutrition advice almost as much as I get asked “when is your next fight?”. My first question is usually do you eat shit/ can you clean up your diet? Most people know what they should be doing avoid processed carbohydrates, sugars and trans fats and eat a lot of protein, fruit and vegtables. Its the implementation of that last part that is the hard part. If you cannot make your lunch taste better than a bacon double cheeseburger meal you are screwed.

I am a firm believer in anyone who can read can cook healthy stuff so with that in mind I thought I would show you some of the stuff I make when im being good.Once you have made a meal a few times you can pretty much rattle through it in no time.

Lime Chicken with sweet potatao mash


  • 1 lime keep juice and zest
  • 1tbsp clear honey
  • 1 tsp of grated ginger if you can be arsed
  • 2 chicken breasts
  • 450g of sweet potato chopped up
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • some broccolli, sugar snap peas, green beans and other green crap you have in the fridge


  1. Mix half the lime zest with the lime juice, ginger and honey. Slice across the chicken 3 or 4 times and place in a ziplock food bag over night (this is better but if you dont have time just cover the chicken in the juice and leave for a bit).
  2. Cook the sweet potatoes in salted water for 10-12 minutes. Brain then mash the crap out of them adding some seasoning and the rest of the lime zest.
  3. Cook the green stuff and the red pepper in a steamer for 5-7 minutes.
  4. Put it all together and eat it.

Bonus vegtable dressing.

Eating brocolli and green beans everyday can get boring this should help

  • Go to nandos and rob their big bottles of extra extra hot sauce. Cover everything you eat in it.


  • Mix one tbsp of wholegrain mustard with 1tbsp of olive oil add some maldoon salt and mix with the vegtables.

I know this is a bit different from my usual content but hopefully a few of you try it out and enjoy it. Eating like an athlete shouldnt mean that you cant enjoy decent food.

This serves 2 people and depending on the sort of roid your chicken is on should be about 400-450kcal with 37g of protein

Im cooking this tomorrow so will have a picture up then.


Its been forever since I have gotten round to updating this blog. What prompted me to start it up again was to let everyone know some of the developments we have been making with regards to MMA technique, strategy and within strength and conditioning for the sport.

This post will act as a preview for whats to come in the next few months as I am commiting to blogging once a week from now until forever, feel free to hang around. If your involved in the sport you will be glad you did.

So here is what ive been thinking and playing about with.

Cage work

    Cagework describes the offensive and defensive techniques and strategies that take place along the fence. This is unique to mma and is such a vast animal that I believe it can be considered as the fifth physical aspect in MMA (the others being boxing, muay thai, wrestling, jiu jitsu and strength and conditioning). Its practically an entire discipline in itself. If you can back a guy up and shove him into the fence, unlike in a boxing ring, his back heel makes contact with the cage his stance goes to crap and he becomes a victim. I see that paticular thing happening a lot. More and more people get their balance screwed up and get KOed along the fence.

    We also have takedowns, takedowns defense, stand ups, offensive and defensive clinch striking and off course ground and pound. You may have a handle on this from training the individual sports but if i add the prefix Cage to each of the above aspects are you really confident you have it covered? If you do not have a cage or wall to work on you might be screwed as the top teams develop.

    Apart from a few things here and there I havent seen a solid resource shedding education on cagework. So ill take it on myself to create one. As always your feedback is appreciate so feel free to comment.

    A true offseason.

    I always hark on about the importance of strength training and prioritising it. when you have no fights coming up get lifting 4days a week eat crap loads and stop sparring. In my experience what happens is that guys will do the 4 day programs, leave out all the rehab stuff, stretching, warming up etc (all the stuff that stops them breaking), dont eat enough and spar more than ever.

    This really but the brakes on strength development and usually sent them to overtraining ville. Fortunatly Lovey came to the rescue. After trying to stop the love machines knee with his face Titan came up 2nd (he wishes me to state that he completed his takedown). Now i had a subject who wasnt allowed to spar, had a good static strength base and great lifting technique.

    So after 12 weeks of programming that aimed to maintain his static strength and improve his spring strength and reactive ability I have created the 5 minute nightmare. The guy who helps prep guys for fights but doesnt do extended rounds himself. All of his physical characteristic (well apart from conditioning) have leaped. We are talking vertical jump, 1RM,s, drop jump, 5RM’s etc. His technical ability has been maintained (from jumping in to the technique classes) but know hes a much better athlete. He will be able to get in shape again quite easily (conditioning is more about sparring and willpower) but is now a crazy super athlete. Due to Titans sucess everyone seems to be more willing to stick with the program which rocks. Moral of the story do as I say and you will be awesome.

    My Next Fight

    I will be competing against Andreas Bernhard 8-1 on Cagewarriors 40 in London for their first show of their 2011 campaign on February 26th, at the famous HMV Forum in Kentish Town. Ill be fighting alongside my Team mate Graham Afterburner Turner as we both work towards rocking out some matching belts. Training has been superb what with almost the entire pro team training for bouts in the same weekend.

    If your interested in viewing some organised ultraviolence let me know or check out cagewarriors.com.

    That will do for now my new plan is to keep these short, sweet and regular.

    But as always, ill give you what you really came for