Now we come to a vital stage in jiu jitsu skill acquistion. We need to bridge the gap between being able to demonstarte the mechanics of a technique and being able to utilse that technique against a resisting opponent.

The top guys in your gym probably do this quite naturally. They can see a technique do it a few times then nail people with it.

For those of you just starting out or not as talented
(don’t worry most talented people tend to quit when things get hard. Talent is overrated, hard work will always triumph), we need a little help.

This help comes in the form of isolated drilling. This involves breaking a technique down into it’s constituent parts and applying it against a progressively resisting opponent.

Let’s take an overhook triangle as an example. To utilise this technique we need to achieve our grips, execute the technique and finalise it.

We could begin the game by doing a couple of short rounds of overhook sparring where the guard puller aims to catch an overhook and escape his hips to the side. Once this is achieved the athletes restart.

In our next drill we could have the guard puller with a dominat overhook position. From here he/she must work to bring the leg over their partners shoulder and keep the head down before finalising the triangle.

Finally we could have the guard puller begin with their guard locked over their partners shoulder. This time we will give their partner good posture (the most common defence) and the aim is to break them down correct the hip angle and finish the technique.

All these drills follow the concept of progressive resistance. If you are completely shutting down your partners offence everytime you are being a dick. Ease up a few percent and let them work out the feel of the technique.

Simalarly If they are catching you with ease you need to pick up the pressure a bit.

This pattern can be applied to all techniques is you are creative enough. Many coaches like to throw a vast array of techniques at a class the result is often that they get to see a lot of stuff but can do very little of it.

Training in the manner outlined above will help ensure a steady gradual improvement that can be maintained for the rest of your jiu jitsu life.

I’ll have the final part in this series up by tuesday stay Reading and feel free to leave some comments.

Enjoy UFC111 everybody and watch out for the return of the octagon girl Rachelle Leah.


Welcome back.

Apologise for the lack of berd and amusing videos. I am currently in Rio and am writing this via iPhone.

So now you have your 6 basic positions down along with the postures and objective that go along with those positions.

It goes without saying that drilling with progressive resistance and sparring is the proving ground for how well you have got this down. So make sure you are getting the mat time in.

If guys with more experience are struggling to finish you then you are probably doing things right. If you ever get lost remember find your posture, keep your elbows in and move your hips.

Adding technique

Stage 2 in this program is to start adding techniques. A good rule is to write down the 6 positions and try to add two submissions and two transitions to each position.

Obviously there are exceptions, when being mounted your submission opportunities are somewhat limited and being in someones guard isn’t a great place to launch submissions initially. It’s also a good idea to try and make the techniques link up if at all possible.

Owning a technique

There are many resources for learning individual techniques. First and foremost you have your coach and training partners, but you also have, YouTube, DVD, magazines and websites.

Pick the techniques that you think will work for you and drill the crap out of them. I read somewhere that you need to preform a technique 10 000 times to really master it. That is provided your reps are technically perfect executed with the correct pressure and timing. Best get going then.

Allocate time to repitition and good stuff happens. Admittedly for most people this is the part of jiu jitsu that they hate, but when you view it as a vehicle to improve your ability its not nearly as bad. Also by having a say in the techniques you have decided to devlop, you are helping to keep yourself motivated.

I like to work timed rounds with a partner. Doing a paticular technique for 5minute rounds and then switching with my partner. Although working with 30min rounds is also fun, working through various interrelated techniques.

Get feedback from your coach and training partners unsure you are drilling with timing, pressure and control.

Oh look I’ve found away to add a blog girl. Check out Ana Hickman.


As a  coach it is often easy to forget just how complicated a sport Jiu Jitsu is to learn. There are 6 basic positions and an endless list of techniques and strategies that can be utilised. With so many variations and options no wonder peoples brains get fried

I wake up everyday thanking the little baby Jesus/Buddha/whatever deity floats my readers boat, that the UFC got popular and I do not have to have this conversation:

Me: So this is Guard what I want you to do is wrap your legs round this guys hips and…..

Newbie: Hold on a minute, why the hell would I want to do that.

Me: Well If you dont, he can get past your legs and hips and beat the crap out of you and lets not forgot all those points you will be giving up. Plus from here you can actually win the fight from your back.

Newbie: this all sounds turbo gay. How would I win a fight off my back?

Me: well what I want you to do is wrap your legs round this guys head and ……

*Newbie leaves under a cloud of suppressed homosexuality*

The rise of mma has improved peoples awareness of jiu jitsu but it is still a vast and confusing sport. What I encourage new guys to do is to break there learning up into stages.

Stage 1- Identify the 6 major positions and their postures

The six major positions are:


Side Control


Back Mount


Half guard

From the perspective of the top guy and the guy on the bottom we need to know what these positions are for. What our aim is from these positions and  what is the posture I want to adopt when I find myself there?

Posture is a big deal and cannot be overestimated. You cannot even begin to do anything effectively if your posture is wrong. Without correct posture everything you do will require a lot more effort and will ultimately not work against experienced players.


Side Control Bottom:

My goal from here is to re-guard or turtle up.

Posture- On my side as much as possible, near arm blocking the cross face, far arm low on stomach to utilise the underhook, body crunched up small.

You will notice that I have added in Half guard and omitted knee ride from the 6 basic positions. This stems from not actually being aware of the jiu jitsu points system and a personal feeling that more shit gets done from half guard.

Once you have identified these 6 positions and determined the basic postures they require, write them down on something. In your head keep thinking

Being mounted = this posture

Guard top = this posture

Half guard = this posture

With experience you can start free styling it a bit but our initial aim when starting out is to limit the individuals options. When you are mounted for the first time you have millions of options you could:

  • Bench press the guy
  • Rollover and give your back
  • throw your legs up in the air
  • push his hips
  • underhook a leg
  • bridge like a mentalist in no paticular direction
  • Cry

Once you have identified the correct posture to adopt the game becomes infinitaly simpler. You only have one option, the right one.

Stay tuned this looks like its going to be a 3 parter.

Things that are awesomeness

January 26, 2010

After last blog where I revealed the earth shattering revelation that getting your head hit was not great for you I think its time for a change in tact. The concussion blog made for quite somber reading and was only brightened up in the end by Maisuimi Max’s arse (bet someone gets my blog googling that).

Several awesome things that have been experienced this week  include:

Ninja Assassin

Holy shitting fuck was I excited about this one, eating an entire pick and mix full of red e numbers probably added to my pant wetting euphoria.

Now I am somewhat prone to exaggeration but this is probably the best film ever. If there are two things I like its ninjas and assassination. If I was too add a third it would be trying to inter space a story between random acts of violence in a film called Ninja Assassin it was funny.

The Goods

I, like everyone who has seen Entourage, wish that Jeremy Piven was my Dad. He plays a a car salesman in a film where Will Ferrell goes parachuting dressed as John Wilks Booth without a parachute but with a handy array of sex toys at his disposal.

In a film riddled with great quotes here some of the keepers,

Don Ready: You give away free hot dogs, you blow up an inflatable gorilla, shit’s gonna go down!

Don Ready: I’m sorry. I apologize. I’m… I’m a Christian man or whatever religion dominates the region I’m selling in, but you have to admit it did sound like she was talking about the big va-jay-jay, right?

Teddy Dang: Ahhhh, it feels like a Smurf jizzed all over my face!

And other wonderfulness like the Hate crime scene and DJ Request.

Probably the best movie in the entire world.


I am listening to their for the masses album as I am writing this (as a break from the tax return). It was one of those impulse buys I make on iTunes when I randomly buy something to see what the cool kids are listening too. So far so good though.

Turn the lights out and Mic Check are bad ass.

Kobe Beef

I got to experience this in a Glasgow restaurant yesterday and……

Now animal rights campaigners might disagree but I think that a life where you get boozed on Sapporo everyday, receive massages from supposedly superior being and get to think deep thought before being killed and eaten sounds kinda alright to me. I’m looking for a job description like that.

My boy Voltaire dropped this knowledge bomb which I feel is apt

Animals have these advantages over man: they never hear the clock strike, they die without any idea of death, they have no theologians to instruct them, their last moments are not disturbed by unwelcome and unpleasant ceremonies, their funerals cost them nothing, and no one starts lawsuits over their wills.
French author, humanist, rationalist, & satirist (1694 – 1778)

It is freaking nice though, best steak I have had thus far and I love eating cooked dead animal flesh.


I have been reading a biography on him the dudes a pimp.

“God is always on the side of the big battalions.”
“History is a pack of lies we play on the dead.”
“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: ‘O Lord, make my enemies ridiculous.’ And God granted it.”
and this one is fun
“A witty saying proves nothing.”
As I have hemorrhaged man points all over the place by reading about a philosopher (admittedly one who gets in fights, gets involved and makes shit get real) ill leave you with some blog chick.

Who would have thought?

The evidence seems to indicate that getting your bell rung or being lit up a bit could be worse for you than you might think. MMA is an aggressive sport, where toughness is held in the highest record. An athlete can be a total dunger skill wise but if he is tough he/she will be respected to a degree.

With our fight team guys  we have an environment where weakness is not tolerated. Those who sit out rounds of sparring are encouraged to “man the fuck up”. Those complaining or bring in a negative attitude are usually ridiculed and injuries need to be pretty serious before anyone takes notice.

Note: the above description is what the pro fighters get to experience. We are much more friendly and helpful to everyone else.

This environment has bred the countries top fighters in pretty much every weight class. Sparring in this environment can be intense, physically demanding and really freaking sore. In the past we have had guys getting dropped, KOed and dazed. This is never the aim of the sparring but has occured as a consequence of this environment. I am sure we have had concussions in the past and I am increasingly concerned for what the long term effects could be

Check ou theses stories for some scary stuff

‘I don’t want anyone to end up like me’

Plagued by post-concussion syndrome and battling an amphetamine addiction, former Patriots linebacker Ted Johnson is a shell of his former self


Head Games

Having read Christopher Nowinski’s book about the concussion crisis in American Football, Head Games, I started to think about the long term effects of getting regularly punched in the face.

The books premise was that concussions are bad news. Multiple concussions are really bad and getting concussed while having symptoms of a previous concussion is really freaking unhelpful.

Using anecdotal evidence and autopsy reports we start to see why so many Boxers, American footballers etc are changed by their careers. The suggested effects range from memory impairment to personality disorders from migraines to depression and oh yeah being dead.

Muhammad Ali has Parkinsons Disease and he was freaking awesome, spare a thought for all the other guys on the lower rungs who had to fight the best facial punchers in the world.

What is a Concussion?

If I where to ask any of the guys at my gym if they had ever been concussed I dont think I would find 10 guys saying yes. If I asked the same people how many of you have been “KOed”, “dropped”, “Rattled” or “sparked” the number may be higher.

The problem is in the defination and diagnosis. Unless there is a loss of consciousness or memory loss a concussion is hard to spot.


A concussion results from a significant blow to the head. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. They can include:

  • Headache
  • Memory loss (amnesia) of events surrounding the injury
  • Loss of conciousness
  • Sensation of being Stunned
  • Wooziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Unsteadiness
  • Cognitive dysfunction
  • Lethargy
  • Personality change
  • Convulsions
  • Unusual fatigue
  • Muscle weakness on one or both sides
  • Persistent confusion
  • Persistent unconsciousness (coma)
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Unequal pupils
  • Unusual eye movements
  • Walking problems

If any of this has occured after taking head shots chances are that you may be dealing with a concussion.

So What Can you do?

For a start coaches need to take this more seriously. Fight Teams revel in the fact that there training is full of carnage but we are dealing with brain injury here and that fact should be respected.

Coaches need to be watching for the signs and symptoms outlined above. They also have to be aware of the fact that fighters are stupid as shit and lie all the time.

Coach: you ok?

Fighter: Im fine coach

Coach: are you sure.

Fighter: Im fine I just slipped let me finish the round.

Coach: You know you have been out for 10 minutes?

Fighter: uhm…….no is wasnt!

It is up to the coach to outline the importance of concussion management, they must emphasise that a concussion means that you are injured and not just hurt.

Athletes also need to be on the look out for each other. If one of your team mates cant remember your name or his own name you might want to bring it to the attention of someone in charge.


No matter what you think for the most part professional fight teams do not encourage their fighters to kill each other. Our policy is to never go beyond 80% even in the depths of a fight camp.

Beyond 80% intensity you are

  1. more likely to hurt a training partner
  2. more likely to get hurt
  3. more likely to gas out
  4. more likely to be shit.

This goes with fights as well when you try to hit a guy as hard as you can you tense up, get slow and burn yourself out. Our corner teams have a number of phrases and strategies for keeping our fighters from spazzing out “think about hitting fast not hard” etc. This 80% value keeps you safe and sharp and gives you a safe way to prepare relistically for competition.

Outwith fight camps, I like to keep the majority of sparring light (sort of) and technical. Our Thai team has had great results with their “kick sparring” drills, this involves dicking around with new techniques and strategies  versus kicks. The coaches outline this is  a technical drill in the spirit of mutually improvement and it has been paying of in competition.

So what to do when a Concussion occurs?

Once a concussion is diagnosed by a medical professional the best form of recovery is rest. The symptoms tend to disappear with time. One of the golden rules is do not let some one who is still experiencing symptoms to return to training.

Robert Cantu, MD, chief of neurosurgery service, chairman of the department of surgery, and director of sports medicine service at Emerson Hospital in Concord, MA, who has been a pioneer in developing concussion grading criteria and return-to-play guidelines following concussion.

Cantu states that athletes with mild (no LOC; post-traumatic amnesia (PTA) or symptoms lasting less than 30 minutes) or moderate (LOC less than one minute, PTA or symptoms between 30 minutes and 24 hours) first-episode concussions be asymptomatic for one week before returning to play. Those with severe concussions (LOC of more than one minute or PTA for more than 24 hours; symptoms lasting longer than seven days) should wait at least one month before returning to play, according to Cantu, and then only if they have been asymptomatic for one week. Cantu’s guidelines are stricter for repeat concussions, recommending termination of the season following a second severe concussion or a third mild or moderate concussion.

To find out more on this check out

This has been some heavy shit thanks for tagging along.

1. Well this time management stuff has proven to be worth while in the past 3 days I have started and finished draft 1 of the griphouses bjj syllabus, speed read a book on speed reading, started going through mell siffs supertraining book again, listened to two audio books, kept my house tidy, prepared all my meals for cutting weight this week, wrote up a few resistance training programs watched Eric Cressys new product Assess and Correct and trained a skank load.

A couple of days ago that list would have went like this, played modern warfare 2 and trained a skank load.

This making a list and working from it deal is a brilliant idea, i always thought my girlfriend was anal as shit for doing that everyday. Turns out thats why she gets shit done and i am a mess.

Lets see how long it takes for someone to mention my use of the word anal in the last paragraph.

2. I know i promised you some video of cool stuff a few posts back. I have done it but you tube is being a douchebag and it wont upload properly. Bear with me and i will sort it out.

3. Did i mention that the guys went 8-0 at Absolute Combat? Yeah probably like 100 times to anyone that will listen. Turns out it gets better the Griphouse/DNFT/Caledonian Muay Thai team has a combined record of 12-1 for bouts that took place in the last 2 weeks. Great achievement for the all of us. Lets see if we can add a bunch more in the win column over the next two weeks to finish of the season.

Great pic by del at MMA Hit Pit

4. I just managed to check out Strength Coach Ollie Richardson’s Article in MMA unltd last month. This was great piece by a guy who is on the cutting edge of strength and conditioning in MMA. Its evident when his guys get into the cage they have the physical edge in competition.

The article outlined what physical qualities Ollie looks to develop in his athletes at different times within the training camp. He also dropped some knowledge on the state of the industry at the minute and spoke out about the cardio emphasis guys in the sport.

This article and the article in Fighters Only Issue 56 where the two best pieces I have seen with regards strength and conditioning in mma……like pretty much ever.

I reckon the dude needs to write a book and soon.

5. I know how to hit southpaws now….training for my next fight has gone well. Cannot wait to make a spectacle of myself in a cage with hardly any clothes on.

6. Funny but a bit rank

6. Congrats to lightweight competitor Andy Ogle for ending Allan “No” Love’s unbeaten run with an elbow TKO in the late hours of Sunday. Admittedly this was a booze fuelled carnage fest in an Edinburgh Goth Club but i think it should still go on both guys sherdog profiles.

7. And finally congrats to our boy Teen Titan not only did he manage to not get savagely assualted during the booze filled carnage fest mentioned above he ended up going home with two fine ladies for a night of debauchery. Hes only 18 and already a deviant I will endeavor to keep you updated on his progress.

Productivity and organisational skills have never been my strongest areas. But I am hoping to change my ways with the aid of some new reading/listening material I am working my way through.

To be a World Class coach of MMA athletes (its one of my goals) I think organisational skills and using your time well are of paramount importance. Getting your fighters to the people they need to work with to improve them is often a logistical nightmare particularly if both guys are are not full time professionals.

I think that is where guys like Greg Jackson excel, he brings in the people that his fighters need to keep improving. This was evident to me at Absolute Combat 2 at the weekend.

We had a tonne of guys preparing for fights and we were sparring and training regularly, we somehow managed to find a way to train together despite logistics. Ideas and techniques were thrown around strategy was discussed with the top fighters and coaches in the country. The team sparring sessions united us as a unit and built huge amounts of mental fortitude.

The result? The team went 8 for 8. I will discuss this more tomorrow as it is a huge achievement for any team and a day we will remember for ever.

Being a coach involves having a working knowledge of numerous combat sports (Boxing, muay thai, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu jitsu), having the ability to get a fighter mentally (sports psychology)and physically (strength and conditioning) prepared and to be able to construct game plans that increases the chance of victory. This is a lot of training and education and can take up a lot of time when working with multiple athletes. Being efficient with your time is a highly valuable skill in this situation.

I really want to be a great coach and to do that I need to leave behind my procrastinating ways and get shit done. Here is some of the stuff that has been inspiring me to action.

How to Master Your Time by Brian Tracy

Wow that cut and paste went wrong anyhoo. As you can probably guess this is a book on time management. Theres a lot of stuff in this with regards business and project management and other grown up nonsense that is not totally applicable to my situation (saving time in the office environment is not really an issue when your office is a 5000 sq ft mma gym) but I did get a lot of good stuff from this here are some of the highlights.

  • Make list the night before with regards to things you need to do.
  • Identify your 3 ultimate goals and write them down at the top of your to do list everyday.
  • Listen to Audiobooks on your subject area when you travel. (I was listening to this when i went to the gym, so I am not totally screwed)
  • Learn Speed Reading you get through books quicker and you retain more.

Theres tonnes more good advice on this but this is the stuff I have instantly implemented and its been working out. I may slip back to my old ways but if I do remind me to sort my shit out and stuff will get done.

I like the authors writing style and have bought some more of his stuff. Next up is his Goals book.

Because of Brian Tracy advice and because the internet is awesome I got my hands on the Evelyn Wood speed reading 7 day course book. It promises to take your reading speed from 250 words a min to 1500 words per minute. Sounds cool but also a lot like bullshit but I gave it a shot. In a bout 10 minutes my reading speed went from 376 words per minute to 748 words per minute all by using their hand underling reading method. Was pretty ace should finish the book tonight, and then I am blasting through my reading pile. Only problem is my wrist keeps cramping like a fucker.

Next up is Jason Selks 10 Minute Toughness

This is a great book that aims to make developing your mental game a lot more accessible. I am really into sports psych and a lot of the same stuff is covered here that is covered in other books but I have yet to find another book that makes it so accessible.

Jason Selk

I also finished Kick ass #1 because I cant be productive all the time.

Its freaking ace and they are making a film version. Here is the trailer

See what happens when i type in hot girls being hot into google

First of all I would like to begin by apologising to UFC Ring Girl Logan Stanton. In a previous blog post I made an observation about her little finger.  This got picked up by mma site which resulted in me getting several thousands hits for a few days.

Which is nice. This got a few comments off “oh thats rank” and other such coments. I can only speak for myself but if Logan ever spoke to me I’d probably crap my pants and runaway. This is my usually reaction to hot women my girlfriend has trained me well.

Now on to my thoughts for today.

1. I think smacking a bag around on the ground is a key component for developing powerful ground and pound. In boxing and Thai we are constantly firing full force shots into pads and bags and sometimes into people. Yet on the ground you tend to pull shots a bit more (smaller gloves and the ability to tie off arms) and holding focus pads on the ground is a great way to mangle your shoulders up.

That leaves us with the ground bag to develop power. But It doesnt really replicate a lot of positions appearing in mma. Adding a stability ball to the end is a great way to simulate hip drive and dropping your shots into the bag.

Ill edit the video in tonight.

2. Heres a hella fun workout tabata ninja jumps. As with everything its all about the progressions. I did about 9 weeks of low intensity plyos before coming up with this. If you rush it you could get hurt.

Again ill edit the video in tonight. Hows that for accountability im going to have to go do it now.

3. Absolute Combat is this weekend. Its almost cliche now but the guys have trained exceptionally well for this. Hard works done now for you all to go assualt someone and not even get arrested. Then we are off to the strippers YEEEEAAAAHH!

4. How cool is this?

Quick one while I am waiting for a southpark episode to load “Thats not Rasslin, this is rasslin”.

The wordpress site allow you to see what people have been googling when they have stumbled across this blog. Heres some of the fun ones…. and some of the creepy ones

  1. Drunk Girls throwing up: 28 people have found my blog looking for this.
  2. Rosi Sexton Ass: seems you have a niche market Rosi get your arse out and make some money on a pay per view site.
  3. Fit Chick in Singlet with big boobs: ok i can understand this one what with my love of boobs and singlets
  4. What the fuck man sloth: no idea
  5. paul mcveigh beat convincingly by chris david: fuck you whoever you are it was a split decision and I won the 2nd round.
  6. Immense Penis: rather strange
  7. Man Squatting Shitting: stranger still
  8. Fat girls shitting: come on seriously.

What this little experiment has shown me is that I am not the biggest sexual deviant in the world, who would have thought it. It seems there are many more individuals looking at sicker stuff than me. Humph may need to step my game up..

Heres a conversation I had with one of the DNFT’s best athletes Danny “Boomtime” Gray. What you havent heard of him? Well thats cause hes a mad waste of ability and doesnt compete as often as he should due to having a big sandy vagina.

Heres a pic so you can call him on this if you ever see him.

Anyway me and “One gear” had a text argument with regards to the randy cuture, vera fight heres how it went

DG. What decision did you not agree with?

ME: Couture, Vera

DG. That was a good decision

ME: Daniel your devils Advocacy is not appreciated. If you honestly feel that couture won that bout you should go eat a dick.

DG. Paul I am not winding you up. Randy won that fight. He definatley done more than vera to win. Vera didnt do enough to win.

ME. Other than dropping him with a body kick, getting the only takedown , mounting him and landing the only noteworthy strikes. Pressing a dude against the cage in an effort to not get killed is not being effective. You are being ridiculous . You should probably have a word with yourself.

DG. Ill have a word with you ya wee shite. I think he won. Its open to interpretation I suppose.

ME. No its not Machida vs Shogun was open to interpretation. That was a Vera being srewed.

DG. Naw it wasnay you prick.

ME. I already had a low opinion of you ya diddy but now its sunk lower. You cant score a fight, you have a wee beardy back and you got a kicking of Sean Wright aff the telly for smoking tabs like a smelly student.

DG. Am gonna fuck you up ya wee leprachaun. Those are some low blows you hit me with.

ME. What you gonna do hold me against a cage and hope the judges like you better?

DG. Nah I am gonna punch you in the nose.

ME. Like that will do shit I have a cauliflower face i look like a klingon and am thus immune to facial punching. I am off to bed Ill catch you later dude.

DG. See ya bro.

Admittedly this probably isnt funny if you dont know me or danny and have never witnessed the back and forth banter. I thought it was humourous and he still has a wee beardy back.

And speaking of beards

Here is olympic swimmer Amanda Beard.

And again speaking of beardds and such as it movember and the entire gym (excluding those who puberty has betrayed i.e. me) is growing face fuzz its time for some techno from DJ Spirograph

My boy frakes would be so proud.

Its been a great week of training, watching fights, eating nandos and playing Modern Warfare 2. If I lived the rest of my life following this pattern I think I would be content.

1. How friggin good was Ross Pearson.  His bout with Aaron Riley was pretty much a masterclass in how to fight a southpaw. If you are fighting a lefty in the future I would study this bout and pick up some of the good stuff. Great technique, power and violence.

2. Just this weekend my copy of Mike Boyles Functional Strength Coach 3.0 arrived. As far as Strength and Conditioning goes I am a big Mike Boyle fan. I have not always agreed with 100% of his stuff but its always made me think. I have always appreciated his emphasis on logistics (the true limiting factor in strength and conditioning)

Im almost through the 8hours of DVD footage and I have picked up a lot of good stuff. One of the more contraversial topics was the elimination of bilateral squatting from athletic development programs.

He has his reasons and  instead of me repeating everything the video clip relating to this is here.

I dunno if I am 100% on this yet.

It all makes sense to me and to be honest my bilateral squat has always sucked. I can almost do the shift the same amount of weight in a Bulgarian Split Squat that I can move in a Front Squat which is weird.

It could be logistical problem for me. I hate having to many unilateral movements in a workout as it takes longer and the guys wont do it. Or it could be the fact that i have got years of programs with guys getting stronger Bilateral squatting. Or maybe im just a douche who cant let old ways go (surely im not old enough to be a grumpy fart).

I think a bit more experience in my part is needed before I throw it out just yet.

Then again a one legged squat with 100kilos of external load is pretty bad ass

3. I think its getting a bit old, what with me congratulating the guys everytime they win a bout. So I will just list the recent stuff over the last few months.

Ground Control

Scotty “the body” Ward wins middleweight advanced division. Also got the silver medal at the British No gi champs.

Thai Bouts

Jordan Calder, Mikey Wiseman, Jo jo (13-0 yeah), Lyn, Brian,


Quinny, Lovey, Doolan (Head kick like prophesised), Scotty Ward (Scottish title), Afterburner,

Jiu Jitsu Glasgow Open

9 gold medals, 2 silver

I have probably missed some guys out but its, your own fault for winning everything.

4. I freaking now love wrestling who would have thought it. Back on the good end of the learning curve, everyday seeing progress its ace. Singlets are bitching too. I want this one.

4. Hot Girls are hot….fact


the guys noticed logans wee finger on sat. I thought the were messing with me as i was all jacked up on Red bull and red food colouring. Turns out they were right