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Apologise for the lack of berd and amusing videos. I am currently in Rio and am writing this via iPhone.

So now you have your 6 basic positions down along with the postures and objective that go along with those positions.

It goes without saying that drilling with progressive resistance and sparring is the proving ground for how well you have got this down. So make sure you are getting the mat time in.

If guys with more experience are struggling to finish you then you are probably doing things right. If you ever get lost remember find your posture, keep your elbows in and move your hips.

Adding technique

Stage 2 in this program is to start adding techniques. A good rule is to write down the 6 positions and try to add two submissions and two transitions to each position.

Obviously there are exceptions, when being mounted your submission opportunities are somewhat limited and being in someones guard isn’t a great place to launch submissions initially. It’s also a good idea to try and make the techniques link up if at all possible.

Owning a technique

There are many resources for learning individual techniques. First and foremost you have your coach and training partners, but you also have, YouTube, DVD, magazines and websites.

Pick the techniques that you think will work for you and drill the crap out of them. I read somewhere that you need to preform a technique 10 000 times to really master it. That is provided your reps are technically perfect executed with the correct pressure and timing. Best get going then.

Allocate time to repitition and good stuff happens. Admittedly for most people this is the part of jiu jitsu that they hate, but when you view it as a vehicle to improve your ability its not nearly as bad. Also by having a say in the techniques you have decided to devlop, you are helping to keep yourself motivated.

I like to work timed rounds with a partner. Doing a paticular technique for 5minute rounds and then switching with my partner. Although working with 30min rounds is also fun, working through various interrelated techniques.

Get feedback from your coach and training partners unsure you are drilling with timing, pressure and control.

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