On Sunday I picked up my 19th career win at Cagewarriors 40. My opponent Andreas Bernhard had been mauling boys in Germany and was a great opponent to find after David Arranda was unfortunately injured.

I have been fighting on CW shows since my career began. It’s kinda freaky to think that I fought on CW3 and this was CW 40. The promotion was excellent, everything from the venue to the hotel to the commentators to the runners. The fights were pretty awesome too.

When you compete on a show that is this slick and professional you almost feel that you have to step up your game.

The fight itself panned out pretty much as expected and I was able to follow the gameplan well. I’ll outline the specific planning we did in a subsequent blog post.

What was significant about this fight for me was the change in clarity. In the past I’ve had a tendency to spass out and react to whatevers happening as opposed to implementing my own game. This time with a solid gameplan behind me I was able to take my time and pick the techniques that were appropriate.

If you are fighting without a gameplan you really are doing yourself a disservice. When Rosi was warming up for her bout with Roxy I saw at least five different things she used during the fight.

If you have analysed the opponent, trained appropriately and have the correct mind set the fight itself should be the easy part.

Obviously no plan will survive contact with the opponent 100% but it’s way better than winging it and hoping for the best.

Thanks to Graham, Ian and Clare at Cagewarriors.

Ez sports and sports therapy Scotland for all the help.

And Danny Mitchell as if it wasn’t for him I’d be fighting in a baw guard.

Dammit pressed publish instead of save I’ll do the editing later.